new internationalist
issue 199 - September 1989

Palestinians need a state of their own. There are many practical
ways you can help persuade the Israeli Government of this.

[image, unknown] Write to the Israeli embassy in your country. Israel's dependence on foreign aid makes it sensitive to international opinion.

[image, unknown] Boycott Israeli goods like citrus fruit, other food and drink, clothing and machinery.

[image, unknown] Support agencies working for peace in the region. Some addresses are given below.

[image, unknown] Join action groups and pressure your own Government to encourage meetings between the PLO and Israel.

[image, unknown] Jewish and Palestinian readers have a special role by working towards a solution together.

[image, unknown] Don't go on holiday to Israel unless as part of a fact-finding mission to find out how Palestinians and Israelis live. Some organizations arrange meetings with local people.

Here are some addresses of action groups working for peace between Jewish Israelis and Palestinians.

Amnesty International,
P0 Box 6647, Wellington 1.

Palestine Human Rights Campaign,
P0 Box 68-367, Auckland.

P0 Box 68-201,
Newton, Auckland.
Tel: (09) 771-367.

New Zealand Palestine Council,
Political Science Dept,
University of Canterbury,
Private Bag, Christchurch.
Tel: (03) 667-001 (Dr Ron Macintyre).


Amnesty International,
Private Bag 23.
Broadway, NSW 2007.

Trade Union Solidarity with Palestine,
P0 Box 271 Lakemba, NSW 2195.

Palestinian Cultural Centre,
142 Addison Road,
Marrickviiie, 2204
Tel: (02) 550 9706.

Australian Council of Trade Unions,
393 Swanston Street, Melbourne 3000.

Australian Council of Churches,
Sandra Blamey, Box C199,
Clarence Street, Sydney 2000.
Tel:(02) 292215.


Amnesty International,
130 Slater Street, Suite 900,
Ottawa, Ontario, KIP 6E2.

Friends Service Committee,
60 Lowler Avenue, Toronto,
Ontario, M5R 1K7.

Near East Cultural and Educational Foundation of Canada,
106 Duplese Avenue, Toronto, M5P 2A7.

Medical Aid for Palestinians,
300 Carre St Louis, Suite 310,
Montreal, P0 H2X 1AS.

Jews for a Just Peace,
P0 Box 647, Station Road,
Toronto, Ontario, M55 2Y4


Medical Aid for Palestinians,
29 Enford Street, London W1H 1DG.
Tel: (01) 723 7766.

World University Service,
Tony Dykes,
20-21 Compton Terrace. London N1.
Tel: (01) 226 6747.

Amnesty International,
99-119 Roseberry Avenue,
London EC1R 4RE.
Tel: (01) 276 6000.

Quaker Peace and Service,
Friends House, Euston Road.
London NW1 2BJ.
Tel: (01) 387 3601.

The Council for Arab and British Understanding (CAABU).
21 Collingham Road, London SW5.
Tel: (01) 373 8415.

274 Banbury Road,
Oxford 0X2 7D7.
Tel: (0865) 56777.

Jewish Socialist Group,
P0 Box 3725, London WC1N 3XX.

British Friends of Peace Now,
95 Green Croft Gardens, London NW6 3PG.

Friends of Yesh Gvul,
BM 6174, London WC1N 3XX.

Christian Aid.
P0 Box 100, London SEl 7RT.
Tel (01) 620 4444.


Amnesty International,
322 6th Avenue,
New York, NY 10001.

American Friends Service Committee,
Katherine Essoyan.
1501 Cherry Street, Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania, 19102-1479.

International Centre for Peace in the Middle East,
c/o American Committee for Israel Peace Centre,
P0 Box 2051, Dag Hammarskjold Centre,
New York, NY1OO1-79993.

International Jewish Peace Union,
Box 20854, Tomkins Square Station,
New York, NY 10009.

New Jewish Agenda,
64 Fulton Street. 10038 New York.
Tel: (1 212) 227 5885.

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