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issue 194 - April 1989

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Many agencies help children as part of their general programmes. But
you can contact the following if you want to help children specifically.

The United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF)
3 UN Plaza, New York, NY 10017, USA.

Raises money internationally from governments and through national committees (see below) for projects with Third World children. It also campaigns to change public opinion and government policy.

Defence for Children International,
P0 Box 88, CH-1211 Geneva 20, Switzerland.

International Catholic Child Bureau,
65 Rue de Lausanne, 08.1202 Geneva, Switzerland.

International Society for the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect,
Achtergracht 29, 1017 WM, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


New Zealand National Committee for UNICEF,
P0 Box 347, 29 Brandon Street, Wellington.


UNICEF Committee of Australia,
14th Floor, 80 Mount Street, North Sydney, 2060.

Barnardos Australia,
Victoria Building, 7 Wilmot Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.
Runs community-based programmes enabling Australian children to exercise their rights.


Canadian Child Welfare Association and Canadian Council on Children and Youth,
2211 Riverside Drive, Suite 41, Ottawa, Ontario, KIN 7X5, Tel: (613) 738 0200.
Does advocacy work on policy matters affecting children's rights, and educates the public on issues of child poverty and abuse.

443 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, Ontario, M45 2L8.

Pueblito Canada,
69 Sherbourne Street, Suite 523, Toronto, Ontario.
Runs community-based programmes to help Third World children.

Save the Children-Canada,
3080 Yonge Street, Suite 6020, Toronto, Ontario, M5W 2B1.
Tel: (416) 488 0306.
Runs community-based programmes to help Third World children.

Street Kids Foundation,
141 Cameron Avenue, Willowdale, Ontario, Canada, M2N I E4.
Mobilizes resources to help street children in Canada.


Children and Development,
94 Kingston Road, Oxford 0X2 6RC.
Develops policies and programmes to empower disadvantaged Third World Children.

Save the Children Fund,
Mary Datchelor House, 17 Grove Lane,
Camberwell, London SE5 8RD.
Runs experimental projects designed to empower children, both in the UK and the Third World.

Street Wise International,
Social Political Sciences Office, Free School Lane,
Kings College, Cambridge.
Tel: (0223) 3357000.

UK Committee for UNICEF,
55 Lincoln's Inn Fields, London WC2A 3NB.


Child Hope,

331 East 38th St., 6th Floor,
New York 10016.
Tel: (212) 9831422.
Campaigns for the rights of Third World street children.

Defence for Children International,
534 8th Street, Brooklyn, New York, NY 11215.
Campaigns for children's rights in the US.

The Massachusetts Committee for Children and Youth,
14 Beacon Street, Boston, Massachusetts 02108.
Researches into childhood and youth, with particular reference to homeless and working children.

How you can help
The campaign against Nestlé and American
Home Products must be international if it is to
succeed. Here are some things you can do.

STOP buying Nestlé and American Home Product/Wyeth goods and tell your grocer why you have stopped (See the products list below).

WRITE to their head offices:

Helmut Maucher,
Managing Director,
Nestle SA, Avenue Nestlé ,
OH 1800, Vevey, Switzerland.

Carol G Emerling,
Corporate Secretary,
American Home Products/Wyeth,
685 Third Avenue, New York
NY 10017 4085, US.

JOIN your country's boycott group - or start one yourself.

INVITE your friends to a meeting at your home to discuss the boycott - maybe you can raise money to support it.

ASK any organizations to which you belong to endorse the boycott.

Many action groups are planning to support
the boycott in ways appropriate to their
countries. Some addresses are:

New Zealand Coalition for Trade and Development
PO Box 11345, Wellington.
Contact: Marie Russell.
Tel: (04) 851 909/8.

Australian Consumers Association,
57 Carringlon Road, Marrickville, New South Wales 2204.
Contact: Yong Sook Kwok.
Tel: (02) 558 0099.

10 Trinity Square, Toronto, Canada, MSG 1B1
Tel: (416) 5955819.

Baby Milk Action Coalition,
34 Bunco Grove, Cambridge CB1 4TS.
Contact: Patti Rundall.
Tel: (0223) 464420.

3255 Hennepin Avenue S., Suite 230, Minneapolis, MN 55408.
Contact: Douglas Johnson.
Tel: (612) 823 1571.

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In North America
Brands include: Nestlé and Rowntree candy bars; Nescafe and tasters Choice coffee; Carnation milk products and pet foods; Toll House Chocolate; Stouffer's Restaurants and food products; Cain's, Cross & Blackwell, Libby and Beech-Nut foods.

American Home Products
Brands include: Anacin, Bisodol, Chef Boy-ar-dee, Easy Off, Black Flag, Dristan, Preparation H, Today condoms, Aerowax, Old English Furniture Care, Woolite, Kwik Lite.


In Australasia and Europe
Brands include: Nesquik, Ideal, Maggi soups, Ash-bourne Water, Carnation, Slender, Build-up, Go-Cat, Chambourcy, Findus, Libby, Crosse & Blackwell, Waistline, Branston Pickles, Sarsons, Dufrais, Rowntree, Sun-Pat, Gales-Honey, Original Cookie Co, Buitoni.

American Home Products
Brands include: Anadin, Bisodol, Anne French, Immac, Corsodyl, E R Howard, Three-in-One, Woolite, John Wyeth Pharmaceutical products.

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