What's Going On?

new internationalist
issue 185 - July 1988

What's going on?
Photographs which are ambiguous or puzzling usually carry captions which tell
the reader what to think. But it can be more interesting - and surprising - to study the
picture carefully before reading the caption. Try this with the uncaptioned pictures on this page.
See if you can guess what is going on - and where. Then look at the information below.
More than two out of five guesses roughly correct would be a high score.

Note from the Webmaster: Unfortunately we were only granted permission to
reproduce one of the five photos in this article for use on the internet. To purchase the
paper edition of this magazine to see all of the photos email [email protected].

Picture number 4
[image, unknown]

Photo: Glen Williams

What was really going on...

1. Hot work. Newly-recruited black miners are tested to check their resistance to the extreme temperatures they will face underground in the gold mines at Carltonville, South Africa.

2. The Middle East in Central America. Easter celebrations in many towns in Guatemala take the form of a full-scale costumed re-enactment of the Passion of Christ (Note the incense burner, bottom right).

3. The shouting fence at Rafah. This town in the Gaza strip was cut in two by the new border established between Israel and Egypt at the Camp David peace agreement in 1979. Families split up by the border can only communicate by shouting to each other across the fence.

4. Two children are enough! Everyone has been thoroughly indoctrinated by the family-planning propaganda of the Indonesian Government.

5. Aid from the well-heeled. A consignment of emergency aid to Mozambique - unlikely to be much use to women farmers who have to walk many miles each day through mud and scrub.

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