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new internationalist
issue 184 - June 1988

Here are some groups you can contact who fight to save trees

African Non-governmental Network
P0 Box 53844. Nairobi, Kenya.
A large network of organisations which fight deforestation.

Asian Pacific Environmental Network,
43 Salween Road, 10060 Penang, Malaysia.
This is the base of a large number of campaigning organisations.

Friends of the Earth Raintorest Campaign.
Sahabat Alam Malaysia.
43 Salween Road, 10060 Penang, Malaysia
Campaigns in over 30 different countries to end the destruction and waste of trees.

World Wildlife Fund International,
World Conservation Centre.
Avenue Cu Mont Blanc,
CH 1196, Gland, Switzerland.
Campaigns about habitats and the preservation of wildlife diversity.


Native Trees Coalition,
Joint Campaign on Native Forests,
PO Box 756, Nelson.


Rainforest Information Centre.
PO Box 368, Lismore, NSW. 2480
Campaigns successfully against rainforest destruction.

Wilderness Society.
362 PH Street. Sydney 2000.
Campaigns about forest destruction in Tasmania.


The Western Canadian Wilderness Committee.
1103-1520 West 6th Avenue,
Vancouver, British Colurnbia.
A group that sat the centre of the struggle to preserve wilderness areas in one of Canada's most beautiful regions.

Forests for Tomorrow.
355 Lesmill Road, Don Mills,
Ontario. M38 2W8.
A coalition of environmental groups that intervene to ensure the continuing health of forests on crown lands in Ontario.

Tree Watch.
Dale Willows. Box 77.
Ariss. Ontario. NOB 1 BO.
A network of people concerned with the death of trees from atmospheric toxins and pollution.


Friends of the Earth,
26-28 Underwood Street.
London NI 7JQ.
Runs a highly successful and broadly based tropical rainforest campaign. Also campaigns about acid rain and other ecological issues.

World Wildlife Fund,
Panda House, Weyside Park,
Godalming, Surry SU7 1XR.
Campaigns about issues related to the destruction of plant and animal species


Rainforest Action Network.
300 Broadway, Suite 28.
San Francisco, CA 94133.
Grassroots rainforest action groups.

Worth reading On ... TREES
The Primary Source by Norman Myers, WW Norton & Company 1985. An absolute must. Packed with information and easy to read. In the Rainforest by Catherine Caulfield, Fan Books 1986. Colourful account of the issues behind rainforest destruction. The Death of Trees by Nigel Dudley, Pluto Press, 1985. Useful reference book which takes in temper- ate as well as tropical trees. The Lean Years by Richard J Barnet ABACUS, 1981 A political analysis of the way we are using the world's natural resources.

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