Land rights: Action And Worth Reading

new internationalist
issue 177 - November 1987

Some groups you can contact which deal
with the struggle for land rights.

Waitangi Claims Tribunal
Private Bag, Wellington.
Examines Macri tribal landownership claims.

NZ Housing Network,
P0 Box 76075,
Manakau city, Auckland.

CORSO, (Association for International Relief, Rehabilitation and Development)
74 Pitt Street, Auckland


National Federation of Aboriginal Land Councils
P0 Box 3620, Alice Springs, NT

Homeless Persons information Centre,
499 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000.

Community Aid Abroad,
156 George Street,
Fitzroy, VIC 3065.


Canadian Association In Support of Native People,
16 Spadina Rd., Toronto M5R 2S7.

Canadian Council on Social Development,
55 Parkdale St, Ottawa, Ont. K1 Y4Gl.

Development and Peace,
3028 Danworth Ave., Toronto, Ont. M4C 1N2.
Supports small-scale agricultural development in the Third World


Survival international,
310 Edgware Road,
London W21 DY.
Campaigns for the rights of threatened tribal peoples worldwide.

88 Old Street, London EC1 V 9AX.

Advisory Service for Squatters,
2 St Paul's Road, London NI 1ON.

274 Banbury Road, Oxford 0X2 7DZ,

Christian Aid,
240 - 250 Ferndale Road,
Brixton, London 5W9.


Akwasasne Notes,
Mohawk Nation, via Rooseveltown, NY.
A native-produced newspaper covering indigenous people's issues.

Coalition for the Homeless,
105 East 22nd Street, New York, NY.

Institute for Food and Development Policy,
145 9th Street., San Francisco, California.

115 Broadway, Boston, Mass. 02116.

Worth reading on .Land

World Hunger: Twelve Myths by Frances Moore Lappé and Joe Collins, Grove Press, 1986. Powerfully puts the land issue in the context of world hunger.

Land for the People - Land Tenure and the Very Poor by Claire Whittemore, Oxfam, 1981. Clear, concise booklet on land and foreign aid in the Third World

Whose Land is it Anyway? By Richard Norton Taylor, Turnstone Press, 1981. Controversial, mainly British-centered examination of land and power in the rich countries.

Maps and Dreams by Hugh Brody, Douglas and McIntyre, 1981. Beautifully written journey into the lives and lands of the Beaver Indians of Northwest Canada.

From Massacres to Mining by Janine Roberts, War on want, 1978. Vivid documentary on the continual colonization of Aboriginal Austrailia.

Whina by Michael King, on the life of the Maori rights campaigner.

Urban land and shelter for the poor by Patrick McAuslan, Earthscan 1985. Authoritative global report.

Focus on Land produced by Christian Aid. A useful educational package.

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