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new internationalist
issue 171 - May 1987


A selection of Green action groups and those propagating Green ideas.


Native Forests Action Council,
PO Box 756, Nelson. Group dedicated to the proper use of forest lands.

Friends of the Earth,
PO Box 39065, Auckland West. Focuses on a broad range of environmental issues.



Australian Association for Sustainable Communities,
42 South St, Freemantle, WA 6160.
This group focuses on decentralization and bioregionalism in Australia.

PO Box 292, West End, QLD 4101.
Engages in non-violent protest as part of Australian environmental campaigns.

The Wilderness Society,
130 Davey Street, 7000 or 57 Liverpool St, Sydney, NSW 2000.
Large national organization. You can contact them for addresses in other states. The Society maintains campaigns, fosters interest groups, runs seminars, and publishes information bulletins and magazines.

Adelade Green Electoral Lobby,
World Workshop Movement, 155 Pirie St, Adelaide, SA 5000.
Concentrates on Green electoral work.



CLEAR or The Campaign for Lead Free Air,
3 Endsleigh St, London, WC1H ODD.
Group dedicated to getting the lead out of petrol. Publish a newspaper.

The Green Party,
36/38 Clapham Road, London SW9 0JQ.
The office of Britain's Green Party will supply policy documents and other publications on request.

30 - 31 Islington Green, London N1 8XE
International headquarters of one of the world's best known environmental groups.

Friends of the Earth,
377 City Road, London, EC1V 1NA,
National environmental organization covering a wide range of issues. They publish a newsletter.



Probe Post: Canada's Environmental Magazine,
published quarterly by the Pollution Probe Foundation, 12 Madison Ave, Toronto, Ont, M5R 2S1

Ecological Agriculture Project,
Faculty of Agriculture, MacDonald College, St Anne-de-Bellevue, P.Q.
Extensive resource centre on the methods and experiences of a Green approach to agriculture.

The Green Party of British Columbia,
214-1956 W. Broadway, Vancouver, BC, V6J 1Z2.
The most active Green party in Canada.

The New Catalyst,
PO Box 99, Lillooet, British Columbia, VOK 1VO.
An excellent bi-monthly newspaper of Green theory and practice in Canada. Subs $12 in Canada and $18 overseas.

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Institute for Social Ecology,
PO Box 384, Rochester, Vermont, 05767.
Runs seminars and courses and publishes material uniting ecological concern with a libertarian political perspective. Some very interesting thinking here.

Planet Drum Foundation,
PO Box 31250, San Francisco, Ca 94131.
One of the main groups promoting the ideas and experiences of bioregionalism. Very interesting newsletter.

League for Ecological Democracy,
PO Box 1858, San Pedro, Ca 90042.
Publishes a newsletter that deals with the evolution of Green politics in the US.

Federation of Eglitarian Communities,
The Federation Desk, Box 6B2-FL, Tecumseh, Mo 65760.
A group of intentional communities from several parts of North America organized around ecological principles.

Worth reading on.GREEN POLITICS

Ecology and Politics by Andre Gorz, South End Press, Boston, 1980. Gorz brings together Marx and Illich in a creative slant on ecological problems and their social impact. As usual with Gorz, you often find yourself scratching your head and thinking -'Of course, Why didn't I think of that?'

State of the World, by Lester Brown, The Worldwatch Institute, Washington DC. An annual billed as 'A Worldwatch Institute Report on Progress Toward a Sustainable society.' Essential reading for any Green activist who has to argue against 'big is best'. Thorough analysis and well marshalled facts give the reader a good sense both of the extent of the problems we face and of how we can go about tackling them.

Building the Green Movement, by Rudy Bahro, New Society Publishers, Philedelphia, 1986. A collection of Bahro's essays, including arguments for living in communes, pleas for a more stable social system and addresses on the crisis in Green politics. It finishes with his letter of resignation from the German Greens. Bahro at his iconoclastic best.

Green Politics by Fritjof Capra and Charlene Spretnak, E P Dutton, 1984. Provides the reader with a good overview of both the German Greens and the movement's potential elsewhere. The book is, however, marred by an annoying sectarianism when it comes to the contribution of the Left to Green politics.

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