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new internationalist
issue 168 - February 1987

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The groups listed this month are a varied bunch - from those
doing research on the international economic system, to others
specifically taking action on the issues of debt and banking.

Aotearoa (NZ)

New Zealand coalition for Trade and Development, P0 Box 11 345, Wellington. Tel: (04)851-909. A non-profit research, information and education network on the causes and effects of poverty and affluence.

CORSO, P0 Box 9716, Wellington. Tel: (04)850-104 (for addresses of regional groups). Involved in Community education and lobbies both the public and the private sector, challenging unjust economic and trading structures

CELT (co-operative enterprise loan trust), P0 Box 6855, Auckland Tel: (09) 773-196. A Peoples Bank which encourages depositors to become involved in the decisions about how their money is used.

Te Awe, Development Finance and Resource Services. P0 Box 1154 Napier. Tel: (070)58431. A 'third wave' (Alvin Toffler) type of organization which provides financial services among others - and is committed to achieving equity and equality between all people.



Transnational corporate Research Project, University of Sydney, Sydney 20006. Tel: 02 6604461. Research and seminars on multinational corporations, contact: Ted Wheelwright.

Centre for Applied Economic and Social Research, University of NSW, Anzac Parade Kensington 2033. Tel 02 697 3326. Contact: Prof. John Neville.

Sydney Christian Economic Group, Box2O7,University of Sydney, Sydney 2006. Tel:02 228 4811. Publishes research papers and holds seminars contact: Darren Mitchell



GATT-Fly, 11 Madison Ave. Toronto, Ontario MSR 2S2. church-based research group that has closely monitored the debt crisis and its impact on the Third World.

Taskforce on corporate Responsibility, 129 St Clair Ave West, Toronto, Ontario M5V 1NS. A public education campaign which gently harasses government and banks about debt issues.



Profits out of Poverty?, WoW campaigns, Suite 4-6, The Hop Exchange, 24 Southwark Street, London SE1. A campaign which aims to ensure that the poorest in Latin America are placed at the centre of measures taken to resolve the debt crisis it encourages people to express concern to their own banks and organizes leafletting of bank customers - and other publicity events. The illustration above is their interpretation of the Lloyds logo.

The Stewardship Fund, Friends' Provident Life Office, Pixham End, Dorking, Surrey RH4 1QA. One of the growing number of 'ethical investment' funds which concentrates its clients investment in UK companies whose products are of long term benefit to the community. It avoids companies involved with armaments, gambling, alcohol and tobacco.



Debt crisis Network. c/o Institute for Policy Studies, 1901 Q St NW, Washington DC 20009. A group of organizations which takes a close interest in questions of debt and finance.

Who owns whom?, P0 Box 2334, Santa Cruz, California CA 95063. Contact: Judith Hurley. A good source of corporate information.

Worth reading on . FINANCE

Debt and danger, by Harold Lever and Christopher Huhne, Penguin 1985. The origins and costs of the debt crisis, Lever, and ex-Cabinet Minister in the last Labour Government in the UK, has teamed up with the economics editor of the Guardian to produce a brief, authoritative and clearly written account of a world economic system stepping out into unknown territory

Another Year Older and Deeper in Debt, GATT-fly report, November 1986. An update by the Canadian research group (see action directory) on it's excellent earlier report.

For Richer for Poorer, by John Clark Oxfam 1986. The pamphlet that accompanies this UK campaign (see Action Directory is a good summary of the debt crisis and what could be done about it.)

The IMF and the Debt Crisis, Peter Körner et al, Zed Books, 1986. A more heavyweight radical analysis (originally published in Germany) but a rich source of basic factual information and history.

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