The Facts


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The Facts

Rising crime: a vicious circle
Crime rates are rising across the world. But there
is no single cause - such as human greed -
propelling them upwards. Instead, the growing
crime rate can only be understood as part of a
much larger, and ever increasing, vicious circle.

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Photo: Alain Le Garsmeur / Camera Press

More Police are Deployed

Governments spend more on Police and the Army.
. Between 1971 and 1981 there was a 213% increase on arms spending across the world.

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Source: UN Second Crime Survey 1985

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Less is Spent of Welfare

More money spent on armies and police means less money available for welfare.
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In the UK between 1979 and 1983:
. housing was cut by 5 per cent
. education was cut by 6 per cent
. overseas aid was cut by 20 per cent.

Source: Labour Party Research Dept.

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Poverty Breeds Lawlessness

As the gap between rich and poor increases, more of the poverty stricken turn to crime.

[image, unknown]
Source: Lea and Young, What Is To Be Done About Law and Order? 1984

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Crime Rates Rise

[image, unknown]

[image, unknown]
Source: UN Second Crime Survey, 1985

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More People are Imprisoned

The number of people imprisoned dropped in the 1940s and 1950s, but is now increasing.

[image, unknown]
Source: Australian Institute of Criminology 1985

[image, unknown]
Public Alarm Grows

In a survey about crime the public was asked: Have behaviour problems increased over the past 5 years? They answered:

[image, unknown]
Source: UN Social Defence Research Institute 1984

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