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VILLAGE LIFE [image, unknown] Photographs

[image, unknown]

Scenes from rural Thailand
Photographs by Debbie Taylor of village life in North-east Thailand

[image, unknown]
A malnourished child holding the
medical card that records his weight.

[image, unknown]
Spinning silk. Rearing silkworks and weaving
is a major activity for village women.

[image, unknown]
Women and men work together in the fields.
Tobacco is now being introduced as a cash crop,
bringing good income but bad health to the village.

[image, unknown]
Many shops have a battery-driven TV
set to entertain the customers.

[image, unknown]
A grandmother bathing children in the lake
- often a centre of village life.

[image, unknown]
Building a cement storage jar - this can hold
up to a year's supply of water.

[image, unknown]
A health volunteer with her stock of
medicines in a co-operative drug store.

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