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Action And Worth Reading On... Feminism


Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] new internationalist 150[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] August 1985[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

Action and worth reading on... Feminism
A collection of all the Action organisations and books worth reading from each article in this magazine.


Sweeping statements
Hannah Kanter, Sarah Lefanu, Shila Shah, Carole Spedding (eds) (The Women’s Press UK)
A collection of writings from the women’s liberation movement 1981-1983.

WIRES (the national women’s liberation newsletter)
P0 Box 20, The Centre, Oxford also lists CR groups.

Broadsheet Collective
P.O. Box 5799, Wellesley St Auckland New Zealand
A group of women who collectively produce the Broadsheet newspaper

231 Abercrombie St Chippendale 2008 N.S.W. Australia
A radical high school magazine produced by a collective of schoolgirls, the ‘Girls in Print’ programme.

The women’s room
Marilyn French (Jove/HBJ book)
A novel which charts one woman’s passage out of her conventional, wifely role.

Girls are Powerful
Susan Hemmings (ed) Sheba)
A collection of writing by young women about ageism, sexism, racism and feminism.

A dangerous knowing: four black poets
Barbara Surford et al (Sheba)
A collection of British- based black women’s poetq which reflects the depth and complexity of their lives.

Women against violence against women
Dusty Rhodes and Sandra McNeil (eds)
Sixty-three papers documenting three feminist conferences about male violence.

Stand Your Ground
Kaleghi Quinn (Orbis)
A self-defence manual for women.

Sexual exploitation: rape, child sexual abuse and workplace harassment
Diana Russell (Sage Publicarions)
The author reveals that the rate of occurrence of sexual exploitation is grossly underestimated.

Making the break
Melanie Carew-Jones and Hester Watson (Penguin)
A guide for those experiencing violence in their lives.

No holds Barred
The Raving Beauties (eds) (The Women’s Press, UK)
A collection of raw, passionate and witty poems that describe, amongst other issues, the male violence that confronts women in their everyday lives.

[image, unknown]

Our Bodies, Ourselves, a book for and by women
The Boston Women's Health Book Collective
(Simon and Schuster)
A sensible and inform ativd health manual.

The Hite Report: a nationwide study of female sexuality
Shere Hite (Summit Books)
A study that breaks away from ma/c-defined sexology

For Ourselves
Anja Meulenbelt (She ba)
A gentle feminist approach to sexuality.

Not an easy choice; a feminist re-examines abortion
Kathleen McDonne/l(The Women’s Press, Canada)

The Reach and other stories
Lilian Mohin and Sheila Shulman (Only women)
Lesbian feminist fiction.

[image, unknown]

Frogs in a well: Indian women in purdah
Paaicia Jeffery (Zed Press)

Women on Trial
Susan Edwards (Manchester University Press)
An alarming look at criminal/ustice at work in the treatment of women as suspects, defendants and offenders.

Maternity Rights Handbook
Ruth Evans and Lyn Dwward (Penguin)
In formation spanning the full materniw cycle from preconception, through child-b/nh and motherhood

Mukti: Asian Women’s Magazine
213 Eversholt Street, London NW1.
Published in Bengait English, Guieratt, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.

Look me in the eye: old women, ageing and ageism
Barbara MacDonald and Cynthia Rich (The Women’s Press, UK).

Look me in the eye.

This bridge called my back: writings by radical women of colour
Cherrie More go and Gloria Anzaldua (eds) (Persephone Press)

Of Woman Born
Adrienne Rich (Virago) A book that describes motherhood as both an experience and en institution.

Our Mother’s Daughters
Judith Arcane (The Women 's Press UK)

‘Just Like A Girl’
Sue Sharpe (Penguin) An analysis of black and white gids in a London schooL and how they learn traditional ‘feminine’ roles.

Love of worker bees
Alexandra Koiontai (Virago) A classic novel of women’s attempts to free themselves from patriarchy in the Russian Revolution.

Smothered by invention:
technology in women’s lives

Wendy Faulkner and Erik Arnold (eds) (P/uto)

Centre for Learning Resources
275 Kennington Lane, London SEl 1 502. Tel. (01) 633 5971
Publishes and Anti-sexist Resources Guide, price £3.00, which fists useful groups, publishers and available visual material such as posters.

Mothers mattertool: a book for Australian women at home
Jenny Phillips (Thomas Nelson).

The domestification of women: discrimination in developing societies Barbara Rogers (Ta vistock Publications)

Hidden in the household: women’s domestic labour under capitalism, Bonnie Fox (ed) (The Women’s Press, Canada)

The Politics of Housework Ellen Ma/as (ed) (Allison and Busby)

Typical Girls? Young women from school to the job market Christine Griffin (Routlege and Kegan Paul)

Close to home: a materialist analysis of women’s oppression Christine Deiphy (Hutchinson)

[image, unknown]

Men’s Anti-Sexist Newsletter
c/o 22a Oak field St, Roath, Cardiff Wales and from some book shops.

Andrea Dworkin (Women’s Press, UK)
An account of how pornography encourages men to assume power over women

A book of readings for men against sexism
John Snodgrass (ed) Times Change Press)

The hearts of men
Barbara Ehrenreich (Pluto)
A tracing of men’s rejection of the ‘breadwinner’ ethic, end an argument that it was this ‘defiance of responsibility
- rather than feminism - which sparked off an antifeminist backlash.

[image, unknown]


Consciousness Raising (CR): small groups of women who meet to discuss their experience and understand it through feminism
To find a CR group, contact your local women’s centre, or look in the classified ads of Spare Rib magazine. Spare Rib is available from newsagents in the UK or from 27 Clerken well Close, London ECYR OAT)

Women’s Liberation Movement Centre
6 Mary St Hindmarsh 5007, South Australia. Tel. (08) 46 6522
Provides a dire ctory of women’s services in Adelaide with appropriate referrals, runs seminars, workshops and support groups for women; operates an alternative health centre and lesbian information service.

West Indian Women’s Organisation
71 Pound Lane, London NW1O Tel. (01) 451 4827

Meori and Pacific Islands Women’s Liaison Projects
c/o New Zealand Young Women’s

Christian Association (YWCA)
P.O. Box 9563, Wellington, NZ

A Woman’s Place
Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment London WC2. Tel. (01) 836 6081
In formation, books, a meeting place and address for London Women’s Liberation Newsletter.

Asian Women’s Resource Centre
134 Minet Ave. London NW1O. Tel. (01) 961 6549
Material on Asian women’s lives/history.

Women for Survival
66 Albion St Surry Hilts 2010, N.S.W. Australia. (Has branches in each State)
Focus on issues concerned with global violence - foreign military bases in Australia, uranium mining and aboriginal peoples’ struggles for land rights.

Women’s Peace Alliance
Box 240, Peace News. 8 Elm Ave. Nottingham.
For information about women’s peace groups.

Incest Survivors Campaign
c/o A Woman’s Place, Hungerford House, Victoria Embankment London WC2

Rape Crisis Centre (London)
P.O. Box 69, London WOiX 9NJ
Tel. (01) 278 3956 (office) or (01) 837 1600 (24 hr.)
Rape Crisis Centres exist in most other UK cities.

Women Against Sexual Harassment (WASH)
Advice given every Wednesday. 6.30-8.30 at City Centre, 32-35 Featherstone St, London EU Tel (07) 250 0340

Women’s Self-Defence.
Information about classes in the London area can be obtained from the ILEA Information Centre, Rm 77, County Hall, London. See college for details of classes.

Women’s Aid Federation (UK)
52-54 Featherstone St London EC1
Tel. (01) 251 6537
Gives help and finds accommodation for battered women in the refuges that it runs. (Has separate refuges in other cities.)

Women’s Health Information Service
c/o Royal Women’s Hospital,
Cardigan St. Carlton 3063.
Victoria, Australia.
Tel. (03) 347 0000
A centre in touch with other feminist networks: health is broadly defined.

Women’s Reproductive Rights Information Centre
52-54 Featherstone St London ECI
(01) 251 6332
Information centre for contact of local groups: op en five days a week.

Brisbane Women’s Community Health Centre
767 Stanley St Woolloongabba,
Old. Australia.
Tel. (07) 393 1175
Emphasises a hostistic approach to health.

London Gay Teenage Group
6 - 9 Manor Gardens,
Holloway Rd. London N7.
Tel. (01) 272 5741
Helpline: Sun S - 2pm, Wed 2 - 10pm.

Women’s Media Action
c/o A Woman’s Place, Hungerford House,
Victoria Embankment London WC2.
Tel. (01) 836 6081
Monitors the exploitation c/women’s sexua/fry and other forms of sexism in the media, and produces a newsletter

London Lesbian Line
BM Box 15141 London WC1 3XX
TeI. (01) 251 6911
Mon and Fri 2-10 p.m.
Tue, Wed, Thur 7-10 p.m.

Women's Therapy Centre
6 Manor Gdns, London N7 6LA
Tel. (01) 263 6200
Runs therapy groups concerned with a wide range of Issues. Send large S.A.E. for details.

The Commission for Racial Equality
Elliot House, 10-12 Allington Street London SWiE 5EH. Tel. -1-828-7022.
Investigates, reports on and provides legal advice in cases of racial discrimination.

Women’s Electoral Lobby
National Office: 3 Lobelia St O’Connor 2601, A.C.T. Australia (Branches in each state)
Produces a newsletter and lobbies politicians on women’s rights.

Rights of Women
52-54 Featherstone St London ECi Tel.
(01) 251 6577 Telephone advice Tue-Thur 7-9.00 p.m.

Migrant Resource Centre
122 Gouger St Adelaide 5000, S.A. Tel. (08) 212 1622
A referral centre.

35 Wellington St London WC2E 7BN Tel. (01) 240 0953/4
Self-help association for single parents.

Lesbian Employment Rights,
Room 203, Southbank. House, Black Prince Road, London SEl 7SJ Tel. (01) 587 1636.
Provides information and monitors the discrimination that lesbians face in un-employment

Women’s Immigration and Nationality Group
c/o 115 Old Street London ECi 9JR Tel. (01) 251 8706

The Children’s Legal Centre
20 Compton Terrace, London ECi 9JR Tel. (01) 359 6251
Provides in formation on the rights of young people, and publishes a bulletin Childright ten times a year.

Equal Opportunities Commission, information Centre, Overseas House, Quay Street Manchester M3 3HS, Tel (061) 833 9244

National Action Committee
on the Status of Women

40 St Clair Ave East No 306, Toronto, Ontario M4T 1M9
Campaigns against sexual discrimination across a wide range of areas.

Non-Sexist Education Unit
N.S.W. Departmentof Education, Level 1, 35 Mitchell St North Sydney 2060. Tel. (02) 925 8246
Has a collection of non-sexist books, films and tapes for loan, and provides a consultancy service.

Feminist Arts News (FAN)
195 Station Rd. Kingsheath, Birmingham B14 7TB. Tel. (021) 443 2903
FAN is written and produced by women artists for women artists - new particig ants are we/coma

Sisters against Disablement
c/o Mayrav Dover, 241 Atbion Rd. London N16
A newsletter is also available on tape.

Association for Improvements in the Maternity Services (AIMS)
163 Liverpool Rd. London Ni ORF. Tel. (01) 278 5628
Campaigns for women to be allowed to limit the levels of technology used in theft babies births.

Gender and Development Unit
Oxfam, 274 Banbury Rd, Oxford 0X2 7DU. Tel. (0865) 56777
This unit has been set up to monitor sexism in development projects: it will try to ensure that women receive equal pay for work of equal value.

Women and Development Network of Australia
71 Gertrude St Fitzroy 30066, Vic. Tel. (03) 417 1038
Produces a quarterly newsletter as well as lobbying for a kminist perspective in aid and development

Women’s Resource Centre
P.O. Box 5424. Dunedin, New Zealand
Collects and disseminates information on a wide variety of women is issues.

MATCH International Centre
401-171 Napean St. Ottawa, Ontario K2P 0B4
A development agency that supports women’s projects in the Third World.

Working Women’s Centre
A.C.T.U. House, 393 Swanston St Melbourne 3000, Vic. Tel. (03)6635266
and Liverpool House, 49 Flinders St Adelaide 5000, SA. Tel. (08) 224 0188
Gives help and advice on a wide range of problems, including discrimination in pay. employment conditions and training. Also has a register of women in non-traditional occupa dons available as speakers.

Women Australia
320 St Kilda Rd. St Kilda 3182, Victoria
A biamonthly magazine which is committed to networking and sharing for executive, entrepreneurial and professional women. Run career development seminars for women.

British Council of Churches (BCC)
2 Eaton Gate, London SWiW 9BL. Tel. (01) 730 9611
The BCC has run an equality and gender protect investigating sexism in Christian youth work Some of its findings are available in a booklet called ‘Messages'

Women in Theology
Hannah CSF, Holy Trinity House,
Orsett Terrace, London W2 6AH.
Tel. (01) 723 9735
A group which discusses feminist theology. Men are welcome.

Fathers in the National Childbirth Trust
Richard Seel, 80 Windermere Rd, Ealing,London WS 4TD. Tel. (01) 579 5404
Arranges groups in which men can discuss their roles as fathers.

Sheffield Men Against Sexual Harassment
c/o Lifespan, Dunford Bridge, Sheffield S30 6TG
Publishes an in formation pack

The BBC Television Centre,
Wood Lane, Shepherd’s Bush,
London W12 7RF.
Tel. (01) 743 8000
Use your rights to challenge discrimination by complaining when you see items that degrade women.

Men’s anti-sexism groups
and mens collectives who run creches, can be contacted through community newspapers or networks

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