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Candles & Razor Blades & Jumping Jack Flash


Click here to subscribe to the print edition. [image, unknown] new internationalist 142[image, unknown] [image, unknown] [image, unknown] December 1984[image, unknown] Click here to search the mega index.

TOURISM [image, unknown] Sex show

[image, unknown]

Candles & razor blades
& Jumping Jack Flash

Sex tourists also come to Thailand from neighbouring Malaysia. Troth Wells visited a sex show in Haadyai, a town close to the border, and gives her impressions of the scene from four different points of view: her own; that of a Malaysian man in the audience; and those of the two performers on the stage.

The Spectator

Lights shine on the small circular stage and two girls dance, stretching splendidly. I am dazzled by the glare and by their firm young nudity. I feel like I am watching an illicit nineteenth-century cock fight in England.

...Phallic symbol candle - oh no, she has to catch its hot drops on her tongue. It’s incredible: how can she do that night after night? Would I do it if I was desperate for money (and a lot younger too)? Could I ever need money that much? The men encircle her like vultures, beady eyes on stalks

...Razor blades on a string - would you believe it. She has razor blades inside her and she’s pulling them out, slowly and carefully for all to see. Oh no, this cuts me too hard. Makes me think of giving birth to my own children - but it should be a moment of the spirit as well as the flesh. So how can she do it, how can the men watch so eagerly, so inhumanly?

‘On stage now - Jumping Jack Flash in his Yfronts, looking high and wild. Music throbbing. Jumping Jack caresses the girl and kisses her breast Crowd stirs, eager now. Girl lies like a slab of sacrificial youth. He works like a beaver on her, over her and in her, his pants still flat and unexcited against his body.

...She looks like a carcass being lugged around. It is degrading. I feel her shame. No love and no partnership. She is controlled and dominated by him. He has dominion over her and in her. I see people leaving: reality seems too much to bear.

The Customer

She’s so close I could touch her. See her legs and more and her breasts swinging near and low. What’s she got? - great lord candles! Lighted candles. Now she’s sweeping their flame along her arm and around her breasts.

They’ll never believe it back in the village. So this is what it’s like, this is what the fuss is about. And $20 is a lot to pay. It better be good. What she doing now? My God she got snake in that bowl, is it? I never seen this she putting the snake inside her. She’s standing now and swaying, and the snake ..? The snake? It’s coming out...

..l can’t see what’s happening. Lean around the guy and I’ll see her better. I’m getting hot. She coming round to me now. I can see her, all of her, every inch and inside too. She’s bending low and pulling something out of her... it's razor blades and more. I don’t want to look, this not sexy this not nice.

I’m going now. This all too much. It’s different now. The girls dancing sexy - that good, that all right. But this makes me uncomfortable. Thank God me cannot see that man doing that. It’s shameful. But those girls.

The Actress

Two to the left, one to the right and turn. Mind the flame, mind it don’t burn. Down one side, up the other - sway, sway. Keep it cool. Now hold back my head and open, open. Lot the hot wax fall on my tongue, feel it burn. Don’t cry, don’t show. Hot wax from a dripping candle...

When I’m 20 I leave this place if I got the money. I go back home, back to my folks. Maybe my boy still marry me and we have children. Or maybe harveets better now and I can stay, my father have enough to keep us all. Two steps to the left, real gentle now, one more to go, gentle fingers, soft body, sharp blade...

That’s over that’s it. It didn’t go too well. Did the boss see? Bound to, the old bitch she sees it all, every show every night. I wish my heed stop throbbing. second show always the worst. Two steps to the left and a turn to the right. And now ease down and do your worst.

[image, unknown]



The Actor

I better be good. Ten, fifteen minutes to get warmed up. I better be good. I must be good. Work at it man, forget the lights and build it up. Pants off now, it better be good - the whole world’s watching and Old Mother too with the dollars in her eyes. Work at it man. get her to tum, that young flesh should make me bum. Come on girl. harder - faster.

...We go faster and tum to the left so they can see us locked together. Music loud and I can hear someone sighing, I know it’s not me. Turn to the right and show them there, her legs locked around my back now.



[image, unknown]

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