War Stories

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CENTRAL AMERICA [image, unknown] Photographic tour

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War stories
As the conflict spreads in Central America
the human tragedy grows too. A photographic
tour of daily life during wartime:

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Honduras 1983: An American instrucotr drills a Salvadorean soldier in the arts of war in Puerto Castilla training camp. The US has over 300 advisors in Honduras to train Salvadoran conscripts and avoid the 55-man limit on US military advisors in El Salvador imposed by the US Congress.

Guatemala 1982: In the capital, Guatemala City, national police arrest a suspected ‘dissident’. Few survive such arrests; most are tortured then executed with the result that civilian opposition to the miitary regime has been completely eliminated or silenced.

El Salvador 1982: Usulatan Province Children grow up quickly during warfare. This young 11 year ols cradles his rife while guarding a checkpoint in a liberated area. These guerilla ‘control zones’ now comprise 20 per cent of the countryside.

El Salvador 1983: Usulatan Province Whatever they can carry slung on their backs, a peasant family evacuates their village as the Army takes up a position against the guerillas. The white flag is a precaution which is not always effective; peasants from contested areas are often killed on the suspicion they may have guerrilla sympathies.

Honduras 1982: Mesa Grande A small tent village inside the Honduras border is home for thousands of the more than half-million Salvadoran refugees. The situation in the camps has been helped by Western Aid agencies, but overcrowding causes critical health and sanitation problems. Attacks by the Honduran army and swoops by Salvadoran soldiers increase tension.

Nicaragua 1983: Campesinos receive official recognition of their title to land as part of the Sandinista government’s land reform programme. Since 1979 over 40,000 landless families have gained access to land to grow food.

Copies of the photo exhibit from which photos
6,7,16 and 17 are taken is available for £2.95/$6.00
incl. P&p from LAB, 1 Amwell St, London EC1R 1UL

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