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Worth reading on... THE FOOD INDUSTRY

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Cartoon: Len Munnik

Development Aid. By Leelananda de Silva, Third World ForumNGO Liaison Service, UN, Palais des Nations, Geneva, 1983. Excellent brief guide to the historical background and current trends in development aid.

Real Aid: a Strategy for Britain. By the Independent Group on British Aid, 1982. An authoritative critique of British official aid, with constructive proposals for reform. Available from Christian Aid, P.O. Box 1, London.

Campaign for Real Aid Game. By OXFAM, 1982. A lively simulation game for introducing groups to development aid issues. Available from OXEAM, 274 Banbury Road, Oxford.

First Things First, By Paul Streeten, Oxford University Press and World Bank, Oxford and Washington, 1981. Lucid and convincing presentation of the case for a basic needs approach to development, drawing on the actual experience of a wide range of countries.

Development Debacle: the World Bank in the Philippines. By Walden Bello, David Kinley and Elaine Elinson, Institute for Food and Development Policy, 1885 Mission Street, San Francisco, 1982. Devastating critique of the World Bank’s economic prescriptions for the Philippines over the past decade. Available from Third World Publications in the UK.

Focus on Poverty. World Bank. Washington, 1983. The nearest the World Bank has yet come to a public self-critique of its ‘focus on poverty approach.

Development Cooperation. 1982 Review, Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Paris, 1982. Invaluable resource document on official development assistance from OECD countries.

Perpetuating Poverty. By Robert Carty and Virginia Smith, Between the Lines, 427 Bloon St. W, Toronto, 1981. Carefully researched debunking of the myth that Canada’s foreign aid programme leads the fight for global equality.

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