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Harry Hapgood’s Photo Album

August 1983

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REAL AID [image, unknown] Photo album

[image, unknown]

Harry Hapgood's photo album
Evaluation Tour 1983.

[image, unknown]


BANGLADESH AGAIN [image, unknown]
I was the first 'aid official' they'd ever met. They work incredibly hard these women.

[image, unknown] Nizam, my rickshaw man in Dacca. He's probably still waiting for foreign aid to trickle down to him!


[image, unknown]

[image, unknown]
This poster speaks for itself. But the way Indian papers treat "development". Wow! I thought our reports were difficult to read.

[image, unknown]


MEXICO[image, unknown]
is supposed to be one of the richer developing countries. What happened to all those petro dollars here in the Sierra Madre mountains?

[image, unknown] NICARAGUA
No denying the Sandinistas have had an effect. Illiteracy is down from 50 to 10%. Even this tiny shacle had text books.


[image, unknown]

[image, unknown]


PHILIPPINES[image, unknown]
"Friendly policemen" ... to dignitaries at least.

[image, unknown] Mario Brites from San Jose (PARAGUAY) - a leading-light in a farmers' coop... and not a bad mechanic. Fixed the Land rover when i thought I was stuck there for the night.


[image, unknown]

: Mike Goldwater, Oxfam / UNICEF / Inter-American Foundatino / Mark Edwards.

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