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Trade Union International Research and Education Group (TUIREG)

India House, Carliol Square
Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6TY
Tel: 0632 322714

To apply practically the love and justice we have found at the heart of our own Christian experience.

To promote a fairer trading system between North and South.

To encourage, support and provide markets for craft, commodity and other labour intensive producing groups in the Third World To encourage the general public to be more aware of the sources of consumer goods and more discriminating in their purchasing.

We sell craft and utilitarian items, tea and coffee from sources that are offering the workers a fair deal in some of the poorest countries.

We do this through a mail order catalogue to the general public, to shops and to our voluntary sales representatives.

The Traidcraft Educational Foundation exists to promote education research on trading issues.

The sale of more than £1 ½ million of crafts and commodities in 2½ years and the creation of well over 3000 jobs in the Third World. and 40 in Newcastle. In the UK a network of nearly 700 people are committed to our work as voluntary sales reps promoting both sales and educational work on trade in the area in which they live.

We’re not yet a household name. We are still unable to make people understand that their insistence on low prices particularly for tea and coffee guarantees exploitation. We’re not always successful in reconciling commercial pressures with the problems we know our producers are facing.

We intend to broaden our range of goods, particularly to include more foodstuffs and utilitarian items. Tea bags and wholefoods will be available soon, and textiles, clothing and knitting yarns are being investigated.

Considerable expansion of our educational work is envisaged, particularly through our voluntary reps.

More customers are always welcome but new Reps especially. Many areas of the UK still have few or none.

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North West Transnationals Project

'Committee Against Repression in the Pacific and Asia'.
P.O. Box K7 17
Haymarket 2000, Australia

To defend all victims of political persecution and injustice in Asia and the Pacific.

To ameliorate the harsh conditions under which such prisoners are held and to work for their amnesty and release.

To provide whatever assistance to their families.

To put pressure on the Australian and other governments not to support and maintain repressive regimes.

To inform and arouse public opinion in Australia

Disseminating information through Carpa Bulletin, press releases, forums, speakers, pickets, demonstrations, interviews, radio. Organising campaigns around specific issues. Maintaining contact with groups and individuals in the region. Urging other groups, such as the Australian labour movement, to take up particular actions and issues.

A number of political prisoners whose causes we have taken up have been released. Many political prisoners have been released as a by-product of the campaigns we have focused on these individuals. The defence campaign around the Indonesian playwright Rendra, spearheaded by CARPA, brought repression in Indonesia to the attention of the Australian public.

Each instance of repression in our region must be regarded as a failure.

To campaign against Australian military aid to repressive regimes in the region, the lack of trade union rights and appalling labour conditions.

With the Dutch group Indoc, we are launching a campaign in the Australian labour movement to raise at the ILO Indonesia’s violation of Convention 98 on the right of workers to organise and bargain collectively.

Subscribers to our bulletin and activist membership. CARPA welcomes any information on issues relating to our statement of aims.

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Transnationals Information Exchange

National Childbirth Trust
9 Queensborough Terrace
London W2 3TB
Tel: 01 223 3833

To educate for parenthood. To provide opportunities for understanding the physical and mental processes which assist mothers to bear their children consciously, happily and without fear.

We train antenatal teachers, breastfeeding counsellors and support the growth of peer group postnatal networks throughout the UK. Many of our members go into schools to talk about birth and parenting. We are also a resource for the health professions and serve the general public with information. We publish books, leaflets and a magazine ‘New Generation’. We organize study days and conferences for members and others.

We celebrated our Silver Jubilee in 1981 with a conference, ‘Choice in Childbirth’.

Our ever increasing number of supporters has meant that we are able to help a greater number of parents, both antenatally and postnatally with advice on birth, feeding and generally about education for parenthood.

We have been influential in changing attitudes in hospitals and most hospitals now allow fathers to be present at the birth. We have questioned the routine use of technology and unnecessary intervention in childbirth. We have promoted breastfeeding and the number of mothers breastfeeding is now on the increase.

We are patchily distributed throughout the UK. Women are now offered less choice than 25 years ago. Home births are not available in some parts of the country and many isolated GP units have been closed down. There has been an increased use of routine technology and the role of the midwife has been undermined.

To train more antenatal tutors and therefore more teachers and more breastfeeding counsellors. To establish more groups and branches. To increase our influence on the maternity services.

To continue to match our income to the ever increasing demands on our funds.

To tap the potential skills of our membership.

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