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International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa

International Defence and Aid Fund for Southern Africa
104 Newgate St
London EClA 7AP
Tel: 01-606 6123

To abolish apartheid.

To achieve free, democratic, non-racial societies in South Africa and Namibia.

We provide legal aid and defence to the victims of unjust legislation and oppressive and arbitrary procedures.

We support their families and dependants.

We produce factual, accurate and comprehensive information on the realities of life in Southern Africa.

The Fund has a long history of success in gaining acquittals, and lesser sentences, or in having sentences quashed or reduced on appeal. Nelson Mandela and other liberation movement leaders were sentenced to life imprisonment at the Rivonia Trial, instead of receiving the death sentence asked for by the State, because of the defence provided by the Fund.

Many families continue to be helped in paying for rent, clothing, schooling and medical care.

The Fund’s publications have obtained an international reputation for their relevance and high quality and are used by the United Nations, Governments, sympathetic organisations and the liberation movements.

The Fund will not consider its job done until South Africa and Namibia are free, and our current work will no longer be necessary.

To cope with the increased workload as the struggles in Southern Africa intensify.

The Fund has no membership or affiliation structure but does have National Committees in a number of countries. These Committees do fund-raising work. IDAF's Research Information and Publications Department produces books, pamphlets, portable exhibitions, postcards and photographs, and hires out films and videos. We need more people to use these resources. Catalogues are available on request.


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Australia Asia Worker Links

Australia Asia Worker Links
P.0. Box 94
Victoria 3065
Tel: 417 2050

To examine the changing international nature of industry and how this affects workers in both Australia and Asia.

To develop links between workers employed in the same companies in Australia.

To look particularly at the situation of migrant workers in Australia.

We are establishing contact with workers in industry, through unions, ethnic and community groups both in Australia and Asia.

We research and document information about Australian companies with operations in Asia and transnational companies with operations in both Australia and Asia for use by workers in understanding how their company works.

We encourage direct communication and support between manufacturing workers in Australia and Asia.

We have developed strong contact with some trade unionists and workers both in Australia and Asia who are affected by this issue.

An ‘international committee’ consisting of shop stewards in transnational companies has been established in one union.

Letters from shop stewards in several companies have been sent to counterpart workers in Asia.

We have produced an audio-visual, four educational leaflets and several articles related to specific issues.

We have been unable to establish contacts with workers in some of the most vitally affected industries.

We haven’t had enough contact at the factory floor level.

We want to increase our contacts with workers in both Australia and Asia.

We are planning a meeting for people from other parts of Australia concerned about this issue.

We are planning an expanded contact with workers in the electronics industry.

We want to develop contacts in other countries with those people who have similar concern or who are doing related work. Large numbers of foreign-owned transnationals in Australia and Asia make contacts in Europe and North America very important.

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OUTWRITE Women’s Newspaper

OUTWRITE Women's Newspaper
C/o T.H.I.S.
Oxford House
Derbyshire St
London E2
Tel: 01-739 9093

To produce a newspaper which will report on the lives and struggles of women everywhere, but especially black/Third World women.

To provide an efficient news and information service controlled by women for women.

To break the silence imposed on women by the existing media.

To make connections and respect the necessary distinctions among us, in our different countries and circumstances.

To promote a truly international movement for the liberation of women.

OUTWRITE was started by a collective of black and white women. It will be a 16-page tabloid newspaper, published fortnightly, and will include articles and information on women’s work, rights, health, campaigns, struggles and initiatives all over the world.

As many women as possible will be involved in the production of the paper, which will be written in clear, everyday language.

The first issue of OUTWRITE is available now. We have had a positive response, and women in various parts of the world have committed themselves to sending us news and distributing the paper. Active support groups are being formed throughout the U.K.

We have not yet received enough financial support to employ paid workers, and this could restrict us in achieving our aims as soon as we would like.

To produce the paper weekly and to offer it in translation. We want to encourage more women to contribute writing and pictures and share production skills. We also want to use the material we receive to build up an accessible resource service

Offers of help with distribution, and news and photographs from all over the world. More office equipment, especially filing cabinets, or an electric typewriter, would also be very welcome.

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