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Survival International
36 Craven Street
London WC2 5NG. UK
Tel: 01-839-3267

To help iginal peoples to protect their rights, a problem of extreme urgency, for many societies face the prospect of irreparable destruction.

To ensure that the voice of tribal minorities is heard in International Forums and thus to extend International responsibility and action.
To publicise the problems and aspirations of all such tribal peoples.

We publish information packs, a quarterly review and a document series of research material. We raise support for specific programmes with threatened groups and provide educational talks and photographic exhibitions.

During the first ten years we have helped to encourage foundations and agencies to invest approximately £393,491 in projects concerning tribal peoples. Our letter-writing campaigns have caused governments, politicians, chairmen of multi-nationals, funding agencies, missionary groups etc. to recognise the problems facing aboriginal minorities, and the world conscience is growing.

We are not able to employ as many experts in our field as we would wish. We lack the funds to dispatch representatives to many meetings and discussions and with the increasing cost of printing and postage our work is restricted.

It is not our wish to become a large and unwieldy administration but we want to be able to react promptly and efficiently to emergency needs which arise and to provide good visual material in order to publicise the plight of the people whom we represent We wish to increase our influence on national and international decision-making procedures in favour of tribal peoples.

You could become a subscribing member, thus receiving the Survival International Review: join our panel of volunteer translators; help in the office of Survival International regularly for a few hours or more; start a local group; set up meetings and exhibitions.

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Women and Men
10 Piazza Albania,
Rome, Italy
Tel: 577 8367.

To encourage men to use their historically privileged position to advance the status of women:

  • in finance, through more credit to women and their appointment to bank boards and other bodies where women can share in the allocation of public resources;
  • in energy, through oil aid whereby kerosene and heating oil are given to relieve the drudgery of women;
  • in politics, by promoting the selection of women both as legislative candidates and executive appointees.

Opportunities to share in women’s advancement are as varied as the experience and responsibilities held by different men. The Rome centre is making systematic efforts to have feminists elected as heads of international agencies and with central banks to portray women on banknotes and coins.

The work is done by circulating detailed proposals and following them up with personal letters and visits. Progress reports are given in quarterly newsletters.

Already some 60 central banks have shown
sympathy with the banknote proposal. Also the
Rome centre has assisted 25 groups working with
Third World women through grants totalling

We failed to have a distinguished US woman banker or economist succeed Mr. McNamara as President of the World Bank in July 1981.

To establish Women & Men networks in other communities and organisations.

Many men obtain jobs working for the hungry, for children, for disarmament or against apartheid. The oppression of women and girls underlies many of these problems and liberated women can usually make as valid a contribution as men to their solution. The Rome centre is eager to contact other men who think along these lines, and help them to develop their own project ideas, and perhaps fulltime work, for women’s advancement.

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Vanuatu Pacific Community
P.O. Box 472,
Port Vila, Republic of Vanuatu
South Pacific.
Tel: Port Vila 2584

To promote decolonisation in the Pacific.

To create international awareness of the colonial and imperialist records of those nations which continue to control the peoples of West Papua, New Caledonia, French Polynesia and other South Pacific territories.

To work toward the establishment of the Pacific Ocean as a Nuclear Free Zone.

To inform the public of the dangers of nuclear testing, nuclear dumping and storage of nuclear and other deadly weapons.

To provide material and moral support to specific independence movements.

By liaising directly with already established organisations, churches and individuals sympathetic to our aims.

By systematically disseminating information throughout the region.

By providing a focal point — by correspondence or as a meeting covenor — for all peoples of the Pacific.

Physically getting ourselves established with the official blessing and assistance of the ruling political grouping in Vanuatu, the Vanuaaku Pati; winning the sponsorship of a variety of non-government and church organisations in several Western nations; gaining access to the Vanuaaku Pati monthly journal to enable us to publicise independence and nuclear developments.

To solve the problem of keeping abreast of campaign developments around the world. Our remoteness often results in communications delays which cause us to miss opportunities to press specific campaigns.

Top priority is to work for a solution to the colonial impasse in French colonial New Caledonia. A formula must be arrived at which will return political control to the Melanesian Kanak people while still protecting the interests of non-Kanak but permanent communities to New Caledonia.

To maintain the campaign for a Nuclear Free Pacific.

Please let us know of independence and nuclear developments in your part of the world and send us information and data which will help us pursue our objectives.

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