Worms And Wells

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WATER [image, unknown]

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A life-and-death development game for Third World children.

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You are a child born into a village in the developing world. The climate is hot and damp, and tropical diseases - especially those related to water - flourish. Your country's government is committed to providing primary health care and improving water supply and sanitation. But you and your mother still find it hard to stay healthy and happy.

Play with a single dice. Land on a bucket to be hoisted to health. But stop on the head of a worm and you slide into sickness.

Remember- your first five years are the most dangerous. Can you make it to the last square, fit and healthy for your first day at school?

To start:
Begin by throwing the dice. If the number is EVEN: your mother decides to breast feed you. Move to Square 1.

If the number is ODD: your mother succumbs to the advertising and decides to bottle feed you. Miss a turn. Do not begin game until you throw a six and your mother has enough time and money to mix your bottle feeds properly.

Drawing: Derek Matthews. Copyright: New Internationalist Publications

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