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Worth reading on...

The nuclear energy debate

The Nuclear State - Robert Jungk. John Calder, 1979. Translated from German. Plenty of anecdote and on-the-spot investigation fleshes out the analytical work by journalist author. Concerned with nuclear energy repercussions on civil liberties. Well written and highly recommended.

No Nukes - Everyone's guide to nuclear power - Anna Gyorgy and friends. South End Press, Boston and Black Rose Books, Montreal, 1979. Somewhat verbose and sprawling, but a fundamental source book on the debate. Dip into it. Again highly recommended.

Soft Energy Paths - Towards a durable peace - Amory B. Lovins. Ballinger, 1977. One of the most important books from a guru of the alternative energy lobby. Occasional flashes of eloquence, revolutionary new ideas. Subject of great controversy amongst the experts.

All-Atomic Comics - Leonard Rifas. Published by Educomics, P.O. Box 40246, San Francisco, California 94140, USA. Informative and entertain¬ing comic on the arguments against nuclear power.

Nuclear Power - Walter C. Patterson. Pelican 1976, reprinted 1980. Strong attention paid to reactor technology and detailed accounts of reactor accidents. Low price and easy availability makes it a useful read.

Uranium: Correspondence with the Premier - Bill Harding, Regina Group for a Non-Nuclear Society. Available from DEC, 121 Avenue Road, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Condensed powerful arguments against the Saskatchewan Premier's approval of uranium mining in the province. Sound basic introduction in layman's language.

Power Corrupts - The Arguments Against Nuclear Power by Hilary Bacon and John Valentine. Pluto Press 1981. An up-to-the-minute and unpretentious small book which is an accessible summary of the issues at stake. Heavy British orientation.


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