Merchants Of Misery

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Worth reading on...

Whose News? Politics, the Press and the Third World - Rosemary Righter. Burnett Books in association with Andre Deutsch, 1978. Gives both sides of the international debate on the new information order between the Third World governments and the Western news agencies. Overt bias-against UNESCO,which is championing the new information order, and sneaking sympathy for proprietors of Western news agencies creeps into the narrative.

The Geopolitics of Information - How Western Culture Dominates the World - Anthony Smith, 1980. Comprehensive history of the dispute. Although sympathetic to the Third World, only a mild warning against the trend by governments to muzzle the media - a subject that deserves a more critical look.

The Corporate Village - The role of transnational corporations in international communication - Cees Hatnelink Published by IDOC Europe Dossier Four; Rome. A must for understanding the present system of communications. A compilation of documents and book excerpts, exposes hold of corporations over every technique of communication, ranging from the more serious satellites to the innocuous entertainment of Walt Disney's fantasy world of Donald Duck.

AMPO: Japan-Asia Quarterly Review - Vol. 11. Nos. 2-3 1979. Theatre as Struggle. Published by the Pacifrc-Asia Resources Center: PO Box 5250, Tokyo Int. Japan. Subscription Rates: US $12 (individual); US $20 (institutional). Special issue on Asian people's drama describes alternative modes of communicating with rural poor and urban working class through political and folk theatre in the Philippines, Thailand, South Korea and Japan.

The International News Agencies - Oliver Boyd-Barrett, Constable and Company Ltd, 1980. Study of the major news agencies and the new areas in which they are expanding - tele-text, databanks, personal computer services and communications. Heavy reading, although masses of ammunition for champions of the NIIO.

Media Development - published quarterly by World Association for Christian Communication, 122 Kings Road, London SW3 4TR. Subscription $15/£7.50 a year: See particularly issue 3, 1980 and issue 1, 1981.

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