Worth Reading On... Central America

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Worth reading on... CENTRAL AMERICA

Nacla Report on the Americas. Published bi-monthly by NACLA,151 West 19th Street, 9th Floor, New York, NY 10011. A respected radical journal with detailed, in-depth reporting on all Latin America and the Caribbean. Write for complete subscription information.

Central America: A Nation Divided. Ralph Lee Woodward, Jr. Oxford University Press, New York, 1976. A well-written history of Central America by a US academic. Highly recommended general introduction to the region.

Latin America Newsletters. Publish a weekly newsletter as well as occasional special regional reports on Central America and the Caribbean. Probably the best, consistently well-informed publication on all Latin America. Subscription rates make it prohibitive for individuals but good reference libraries should carry it. For further information write to: 90/93 Cowcross Street, London ECI.

Agribusiness in the Americas. Roger Burbach and Pat Flynn, Monthly Review Press, New York and London, 1980. A detailed, comprehensive study of modern agriculture and its impact on growing rural landlessness. Excellent case studies.

Central American Update. Published monthly by the Latin America Working Group and the Jesuit Centre for Social Faith and Justice, Box 2207, Station P, Toronto, Canada. A readable combination of hard news and analysis, especially valuable for detailed research work.

Nicaragua: A People's Revolution. Philip Wheaton and Yvonne Dilling. EPICA Task Force, Washington, 1981. A popularly-written primer on the background to the Sardinista victory in Nicaragua. A good chapter on the new government's goals but extremely detailed on the civil war itself.

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