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CENTRAL AMERICA Campaign Directory

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The convulsions shaking Central America may seem distant rumblings in a confused world. But there's no need to feel powerless to help or act. Like most battles within the Third World the problems in Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras are best left to those countries themselves to sort out.

However, support from concerned people in the West can be important. We can pressure our governments to denounce human rights violations and we can press for assistance to refugees from dictatorial regimes. We can also publicise information to stop companies investing in countries whose government's rule by terror and intimidation.

Aid, when it is selective and wellthought out, can also be valuable. In Nicaragua, the recent literacy campaign was given a great boost by funds from Holland, West Germany and the World Council of Churches.

Individual action is helpful. Letters and phone calls to politicians and newspapers can influence government policy and the flow of information that reaches the public. But collective action through churches, schools, trade unions, professional organisations and support committees carries even more weight.

The following is a partial list of Central American support groups. Most of them have a national out reach. But any of them can probably put you in touch with people in your community who are concerned and informed about events in Central America.


Amnesty International
PO Box Al 59
N.S.W. 2000


Central America Support Committee (CASC)
2504 York St
Vancouver B.C. V6 1E3

Latin America Working Group (LAWG)
PO Box 2207 Station P
Ontario M5S 2T2

Inter-Church Committee on Human Rights in Latin America (ICCHRLA)
40 St Clair Ave E
Ontario M4T 1 MG

Secretariat de Quebec Americain Latine
356 Ontario Est
Quebec H2X 1 HB

Latin America Information Group (LAIG)
PO Box 3560 Halifax
Nova Scotia

New Zealand

Amnesty International
PO Box 11648
Manners St.

United Kingdom

El Salvador Solidarity Campaign
29 Islington Park Street
London N1

El Salvador Human Rights Group
29 Gerrard House
Briant Street
London SE14

Guatemala Working Group
29 Islington Park Street
London N1

Nicaragua Solidarity Campaign
c/o 20-21 Compton Terrace
London N1

Latin America Bureau
PO Box 134
London NWl 4JY

Catholic Institute for International Relations
1 Cambridge Terrace
London NW1

United States

National Network in Solidarity with the Nicaraguan People
1322 18th St N.W.
Washington D.C. 20036

Committee on Solidarity with the people of El Salvador
PO Box 12056
Washington D.C. 20005

National Network in Solidarity with the Guatemalan People
PO Box 13006
Washington D.C. 20009

312 Columbus Ave
Boston MA 02116

Maryknoll Fathers, Brothers and Sisters
NY 10545

Washington Office on Latin America
110 Maryland Ave N. E.
Washington D.C. 20002

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