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THE NUCLEAR ARMS RACE[image, unknown] Match the name to the quote

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They said it! But can you match the quotes with the following speakers? The correct sequence of names is at the foot of the page.

Australian PM Robert Menzies: President Charles de Gaulle: PM Harold Macmillan: UK Foreign Secretary Sir Alec Douglas Home: US Dep. Asst Secretary of Defence Morton Halperin: US Secretary of State Dean Rusk: Dr. Henry Kissinger: British Defence Minister Francis Pym: Dr. Albert Einstein: President Dwight D. Eisenhower: Prime Minister Nikita Khrushchev: Washington crowd USA: President Richard Nixon: Lord Mountbatten: British Council of Churches: UK Lord Zuckerman: UK Philip Noel-Baker: US Sec. of State John Foster Dulles: J. Robert Oppenheimer, Director of the first A-bomb project: US Catholic bishops.

A The danger of outbreak of war by accident ... grows as modern weapons become more complex, command and control difficulties increase, and the premium is on ever-faster reaction.

The super shuttlecock.
The super shuttlecock.

B I am not an authority on meteorology but I know something about the political wind. I have noticed that it has been blowing from the Government side to the Opposition side for quite a long time but unfortunately it appears to have carried no radio-active particles.

C Every gun that is made, every warship that is launched, every rocket fired signifies a theft from those that hunger and are not fed, from those who are cold and are not clothed.

D Any use of nuclear weapons will escalate into a general war. There is no defence against such weapons and nuclear war will destroy civilisation and perhaps exterminate mankind. To hope for salvation from civil defence is a dangerous self-deluding pipedream.

E Nuke Tehran.

F I can go into my office, pick up the telephone and in 25 minutes 70 million people will be dead.

Would you buy a used car from him?
Would you buy a used car from him?

G Nuclear weapons are an offence to God and a denial of his purpose for man. Only the reduction of these weapons and their eventual abolition can remove this offence. No other policy can be acceptable to Christian conscience.

H As possessors of a vast nuclear H arsenal we must also be aware that not only is it wrong to attack civilian populations but it is wrong to threaten them as part of a strategy of deterrence.

I In the event of a nuclear war there will be no chances, and there will be no survivors - all will be obliterated ... I repeat in all sincerity as a military man I can see no use for any nuclear weapons which would not end in escalation with consequences no-one can conceive.

J People want peace so much that one of these days governments had better get out of the way and let them have it.

Vive le Quebec libre!
Vive le Quebec libre!

K I remember President Kennedy once stated ... that the United States had the nuclear capacity to wipe out the Soviet Union two times over, while the Soviet Union had enough atomic weapons to wipe out the United States only once... When journalists asked me to comment . . . I said jokingly, `Yes, I know what Kennedy claims, and he's quite right. But I'm not complaining ... we're satisified to be able to finish off the United States first time round. Once is quite enough. What good does it do to annihilate a country twice? We're not a bloodthirsty people.

L In order to make the country bear the burden (of arms expenditure) we have tocreate an emotional atmosphere akin to war-time psychology. We must create the idea of a threat from without.

M The British people are prepared if necessary to be blown to atomic dust.

Nikita who?
Nikita who?

N In some sort of crude sense which no vulgarity, no humour, no overstatement can quite extinguish, the physicists have known sin; and this is a knowledge which they cannot lose.

0 Referring to Hiroshima and Nagasaki: `It wasn't necessary to hit them with that awful thing.'

P Power has never been greater; it has also never been less useful.

Q It is never envisaged that these (Cruise) missiles are in any sense a response to a nuclear attack from the Soviet Union which comes out of the blue. This is a lesser weapon which would be deployed from these bases in times of tension.

R The NATO doctrine is that we will fight with conventional forces until we are losing, then we will fight with tactical weapons until we are losing, and then we will blow up the world.

It's all relative.
It's all relative.

S If I had known, I would have been a locksmith.

T If all this capacity for destruction is spread around the world in the hands of all kinds of different characters - dictators, reactionaries, revolutionaries, madmen - then sooner or later, and certainly I think by the end of this century, either by error or insanity, the great crime will be committed.

U Not only will this test centre promote French military research, but it will also be highly beneficial from the point of view of the economy of the inhabitants of Polynesia ... I have not, forgotten all that you (the people of French Polynesia) have done (supporting Free France) and this is one of the reasons I have chosen to install this base in Polynesia.

A : Dean Rusk
B : Robert Menzies
C : Eisenhower
D : Lord Zuckerman
E : Washington crowd
F : Richard Nixon
G : British Council of Churches
H : Catholic bishops
I : Mountbatten
J : Eisenhower
K : Krushchev
L : John Foster Dulles
M : Sir Alec Douglas Home
N : Oppenheimer
O : Eisenhower
P : Henry Kissinger
Q: Francis Pym
R : Morton Halperin
S : Einstein
T : Harold Macmillan
U: De Gaulle

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