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[image, unknown] Late last year the New Internationalist sent out questionnaires to approximately half of its 32,000 subscribers. The object was to listen to readers opinion on the magazine and find out how improvements could be made.

No less than seven per cent of the questionnaires were returned, double the normal response from surveys of this kind.

The editorial team would like to thank everyone who took the time and trouble to fill in and return the form. Below is a summary of the results:

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Which means that quite a lot of you are younger than some of us.

* Sometimes percentage figures may not add up to 100%. This is because not everyone chose to answer every question or all parts of one question.

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Many of you are in a useful position to influence others.

[image, unknown]

This breakdown wasn't too surprising.

[image, unknown]

Which gives a picture of a bookworm, listening to music, rucksack and protest banners at the ready - and with jogging shoes gathering dust under the bed. Sounds familiar.

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Your comments here were useful and gave us a good idea of what areas need improvement.

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As the Update and Country Profile take a lot of work to produce, we're especially pleased that you like them.

[image, unknown]

So it seems that you like the Keynote and facts page but think there's room for improvement in the centre-page illustration.

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'It helps my family to have a wider view of world affairs'

'You should seek more appropriate advertising more actively'

'I'd like to see more about how we can change the attitude of the average man in the street by making the issues seem less distant'

'NI is clear: puts facts over firmly'

'Biased, prejudiced, opinionated, superficial. In a word, unreliable'

'The editors should be hanged, drawn, quartered and fed to the nastiest crocodiles about'

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