The Million Dollar Man

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EXPERTS [image, unknown] Drawing by Clive Offley

[image, unknown]

The Million Dollar Man

Drawing by Clive Offley The Million Dollar Man
Yes, I am the expert
As you can well see
Arriving by jet plane
With my HYV*

It's straight to the hotel
Decisions today!
I'm meeting those chaps
From the MoA*

Let's grow carnations!
-Now wouldn't that be
A nice way of raising
Their low GNP*

Then off to the village
(I hope it's not far)
First on with the shorts
And my SLR*

I can't speak the lingo
Phew, what a hot day!
-But I saw a nice farmer
And things seem OK

So I write my report
And I pocket my fee
Then it's time to depart
For the next LDC*

HYV High Yielding variety
MoA Ministry of Agriculture
GNP Gross National Product
SLR Single Lens Reflex (camera)
LDC Less Developed Country


The Village
Now who was that man?
And why did he come?
Stayed just half an hour
Only met the chief's son


The Government
What's this he's left us?
Four volumes or more!
We'll need a new expert
To say what it's for

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