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Campaign Directory

Canadian Crossroads International
361 Windermere Road
London, Ontario, Canada N6G 2K3
Telephone: (519) 4341148

To sensitize Canadians to the values of Third World cultures and the causes and conse­quences of underdevelopment.

To build a spirit of international friendship and co-operation.

To stimulate public support for internation­al development.

We select and train volunteer personnel to work for four to six months with local families and groups on self-help development projects. By working with people of other cultures we encourage new relationships of mutual respect and understanding while simultaneously pro­viding needed community service. Crossroaders return to their homeland to promote broader understanding of international development issues.

CCI's quarterly newsmagazine, Crossworld, analyses development issues and their national and international significance.

Since 1958, we have had a direct impact on the values and cultural attitudes of over 1000 volunteers from Canada and the Thud World. We have provided personnel to locally­initiated projects in 30 developing countries for building projects, reforestation, health and educational services. We have established a net­work of 75 local committees across Canada which promote and conduct development education activity.

We attract a narrow cross section of society to participate in our programmes. So the extent to which our returned volunteers can effectively relate to the total population in promoting development education is limited.

To establish our programs in additional countries and to begin providing funds to small community development projects in the Thud World. To further develop and strengthen our community-based network of volunteers.

We need volunteers from all walks of life to serve overseas, host Thud World visitors to Canada and work with one of our local or national committees.


For Those Who Have Less
23 Childers Street Cranbourne
3977, Victoria, Australia

To create awareness and Initiate practical programmes to eradicate physical hunger amongst children in developing countries, such as introducing better breeds of livestock - cows, sheep, pigs, goats and poultry to build up their herds and flocks - a first step towards achieving social equality.

Projects are supervised by a team of Australian volunteers who are trained agricult­urists. Our livestock and agricultural pro­grammes are conducted in conjunction with Farmer Co-operatives, Church Missions and selected pilot farms. `Mother Herds' are kept for breeding while the cross-bred progeny are passed on to the village farmer.

We conduct Child Sponsorship Programmes with institutions in India and our Boys' Orphanage, Bhola Island, Bangladesh.

Project activity to date - India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and South Pacific Islands.

Livestock and poultry are living gifts and we estimate we have one million cross-bred cows on the Indian Sub-Continent which are progeny from the parent stock we have sent. These give three or four times the milk of the local cattle.

We conduct the only Australian Orphanage in Bangladesh.

Our Society experiences problems with communication on an administrative level and freighting of goods in relation to the Third World countries we are assisting.

We intend establishing a Cattle Breeding Farm in India to evolve a new breed of milch cow best suited to India. We hope to help the local farmers grow better fodder crops so that the cross-bred cows can be better maintained -the end result: more milk for needy children. HELP NEEDED

We urgently need people who haveresources and are interested in social welfare and livestock development programmes to support us in our work which will help bring succour to the child in need.

World Studies Resource Centre
Groby Community College Ratby Road,
Groby, Leics.
Telephone: 0533-879921

To foster global awareness and an under­standing of the interdependent nature of the modern world amongst the teaching profession.

To encourage teachers to reflect upon the educational implications of global interdepend­ence.

To provide a forum for the study, discussion and development of world studies, multi­cultural studies and education for international understanding at secondary school level.

The World Studies Resource Centre has been established at Groby Community College. Funding has been provided by the Overseas Development Administration. The Centre offers:
- viewing and display facilities for a growing range of teaching and learning resources (books, pamphlets, papers, journals, slides, video-tapes);

- an audio-visual copying service for non­copyright materials; offprints of booklets produced for the College's O/CSE World Studies course;

- one-day conference and workshop facilities; - speakers on World Studies and internation­alism in education.

In addition, the Centre publishes a quarterly World Studies Journal containing articles on World Studies, education for international understanding and multicultural education.

Three issues of the Journal have been published and a fourth is at press. Sales are large enough for us to be confident of success, and previews in the educational press have been very favourable. In addition, we have hosted a successful Minority Rights Group workshop, and college students make good use of the resources we provide.

Neither our publicity nor the Journal have reached the teacher at the chalk face. The Centre is little used by other than Groby teachers.

We plan to produce a catalogue listing all materials available at the Centre. Increased efforts will be made to reach the classroom teacher.

Contacts, names and addresses of interested teachers and lecturers, contributions and reviewers for the Journal. Teachers to make use of the resource centre and spread the word about the services we provide.

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