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Worth reading on… Women

August 1980

The Sisterhood of Man - Kathleen Newland, Worldwatch, New York 1979. A world-wide perspective on the situation of women; comprehensive and unacademic in style. Very useful.

Women at Work - _A periodical published three times a year by the ILO in Geneva. Has excellentup to date country reports and information on working women in industrialised and under-developed countries.


Equal Opportunities for Women - OECD, Paris 1979. Facts and figures about working women and their problems in European countries.

Housewife - Ann Oakely, Penguin, 1974 First-rate history of women’s segregation in the household.

The Longest War: Sex differences in perspective - eds Tarvis and Offir, Harcourt Bace Jovanich, New York 1977. Chapters on different aspects of women’s oppression.

Women’s Consciousness, Man’s World - Rowbotharn, Penguin, 1973. Analysis of women’s oppression.


Women’s Role in Economic Development - Boserup, St. Martin’s Press, New York, 1970. One of the earliest surveys of women’s economic importance in development.

Rural Women and the Basic Needs Approach to Development - in International Labour Review, ILO, Geneva Jan-Feb 1977.

The Domestication of Women - Barbara Rogers, Kogan Page Ltd 1980. The effects of ‘development’ strategies on women.

Third World Women Speak Out: Interviews in Six Countries on Change, Development and Basic Needs - Perdita Huston, Praeger, New York, 1979.

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