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Also worth reading on Aid


The Aid Debate, by The Institute for Food and Development Policy. A popularly-written and hard-hitting examination of the U.S. and World Bank aid programs. Includes many detailed examples from the field. An excellent introduction to the current debate. Available from: I.F.D.P., 2588 Mission Street, San Francisco, California 94110, USA. $3.00 / £1.50.

Trojan Horse, The New Aid, by the Latin American Working Group. A carefully documented and stinging indictment of the World Bank's 'Integrated Rural Development' programme with particular reference to Latin America. Available from: LAWG, Box 2207, Station 'P ', Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 2T2 $2. 001£1.25.

Aid as Imperialism, by Teresa Hayter. A pioneering radical critique of aid as a means of increasing Western control over the underdeveloped world. Excellent chapters on the World Bank and the International Monetary- Fund. Pelican, 1971. $1.75145p.

From Aid to Recolonization, by Tibor Mende. A now classic book on aid by a respected French political scientist. A detailed, wide-ranging and very readable look at post-war aid policies. Highly recommended but unfortunately out of print. Available from a good library.

Development Cooperation Review, 1979, by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development. The best statistical source on aid, replete with pages of daunting facts and figures. Available in reference section of most libraries or order from: Director of Information, OECD, 2 Rue Andre Pascal, 75775 Paris, France.

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