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Global Issues contents


Money & Debt: Global Money Power

  • Third World Debt - what can we do?
  • Globalisation & some alternatives


  • Working for Disney in Orlando & Haiti
  • Disney & globalisation
  • Disney's heroines - happy little women!

Jeans and Sweatshops

  • Sweatshops - how our clothes are made
  • Jeans & the environment
  • The history of jeans

Coffee: a Chance for Fair Trade

  • From a farm in Peru to shops in the UK
  • Fairly and unfairly traded coffee

Human Rights

Child Labour: Poverty & Human Rights

  • 5 working children talk about child labour
  • What working children need and want

Euthanasia: the Right to Die

  • Jose's story: choosing to die
  • Is euthanasia right or wrong?


  • Restrictions on abortion
  • Looking at the arguments against abortion

Organ Transplants

  • People buy and sell human organs

War and Peace

Twin Terrors

  • Two Terrors - Acts of Terrorism & Poverty and Inequality
  • World reactions to the attacks on the US
  • Lives of Real Afgan People - Drought & Hunger


  • Conflicts in Africa
  • African War and Africa Peace
  • AIDS in Africa
  • Education in Africa
  • United Africa
  • Foreign NGOs in Africa

Iraq: Sanctions & DU weapons

  • The terrible effects of sanctions
  • Depleted uranium weapons used against Iraq


  • What landmines do - a surgeon's story
  • The Treaty to Ban Landmines
  • Landmine facts

The Environment


  • Pesticide deaths
  • Agribusiness
  • Cotton
  • Endocrine disruptors

Trash and Waste

  • Everyday things & the environment
  • Exporting toxic waste


  • The environmental effects of mining
  • The social effects of mining
  • The economic effects of mining

NI Global Issues for Learners of English > The Issues: contents

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