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Where Zambia is

Area of country: 174,000 square kilometers

Information at a Glance


Population: 9, 203,000 million
Population Growth rate: Text
Ethnic groups: 98% are Bantu.
Religions: 80% Christian. There are also Muslim and Hindu minorities.

AIDS is a major factor in population estimates for Zambia.


Currency: Kwacha
GDP per capita: $429
Main Industries: mining
Main exports
: copper


Life expectancy: 42.6 years
Infant mortality: 92.38 deaths/1,000
Average calories consumed: 89% of calories needed
Safe water: 50% of population has access


Small-scale industries have begun to add to the government effort to create jobs.


Literacy rate: 78%.
Languages: English is the official language. There are many Bantu languages spoken; five of these are used for educational purposes.

Income Distribution

Top 6% takes 32% of income; bottom 60% under 20%.


The country consists mainly of high plateau, together with hills and mountains.

Problems: air pollution and acid; poaching seriously threatens rhinoceros and elephant populations; deforestation; soil erosion; desertification


One of Africašs first new multi-party democracies. However, there has been considerable reported harassment of opposition parties.

Freedom & human rights

No political prisoners. Media is both private and state controlled.

Position of women: Women do most of the farming work. They find it difficult to borrow money; they have no voice in decision-making.

Sources: NI Profile; The World Guide, Leading Issues in Economic Development, by Meier & Rauch; CIA World Fact Book

NI Global Issues for Learners of English > Country profiles > Zambia

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