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The site creators, Chris Doye and Bob Keim, are long-time teachers of English to speakers of other languages. They have taught in several countries around the world, and are now in Britain. At this time, this site is no longer being updated since they have found that unfortunately they are too busy to put the necessary time in.

They would like to thank everyone for their support. If for any reason you need to reach them, you may contact Bob Keim at [email protected]

The material on the site is adapted from the magazine, the New Internationalist, with the permission of its editors.
It is a non-commercial site.

About the New Internationalist

The New Internationalist is a monthly magazine published by a communications co-operative based in Oxford UK, the New Internationalist Cooperative

The New Internationalist Cooperative believes in the following Principles:

1. NI opposes all forms of oppression and campaigns for social justice worldwide, acting as a vehicle for unheard voices from the South and elsewhere.


We actively champion the causes of disadvantaged individuals and groups and speak out against racism, sexism and other forms of discrimination.

  • NI is against cruel and unjust uses of power.
  • NI works for social justice throughout the world.
  • NI provides a way for the poorer peoples of the world to be heard.


  • NI supports people who are poor, people who need education and people who are without necessary resources.
  • NI opposes treating people unfairly because of their race, their sex or for other reasons. 

2. NI exists to inform, educate and communicate its message and development ideals in an accessible style through print, electronic media and film to the widest possible audience.

We produce a monthly magazine and a range of other materials which reflect our ideals.

  • The purpose of NI is to communicate its ideas and hopes for a fairer world in a way that everybody can understand and learn from. These ideas can give people hope for the future: hope that a world of justice and equality can be built.
  • NI's monthly magazines, as well as books, CDs, films and the Internet help NI's ideas to reach as many people as possible.

3. NI provides a forum for fresh ideas, radical perspectives and an idealistic vision to inspire hope for a world built on justice and equality.

We maintain contact with and actively support like-minded individuals and groups.

  • NI is a magazine where people can read and can express new ideas and radical viewpoints. It is a magazine where people can imagine the future as a world of justice and equality
  • NI works with people and groups that have similar goals.

4. NI operates as a sustainable independent company.

We aim to make profits sufficient only to ensure the long-term viability and independence of the company. Additional surpluses are not sought. If earned they will be used to maximise the circulation of NI.

  • NI aims to make enough profit to continue to do its work. If we make more money than we need to do this, the extra money will be used to increase the numbers of people who receive the magazine.

5. NI seeks to provide a working environment and conditions of employment which reflect its principles. We maintain a democratic, cooperative structure and operate an equal opportunities policy.

We are employed with equal rights and responsibilities. Salaries are based on an equal pay structure. We aim to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for all who work in the company.

  • NI tries to make sure that working conditions at NI are an example of its principles. Decisions are made democratically.
  • People who work at NI are paid on an equal basis.
  • The working environment at NI is kept safe and healthy.
6. NI is independent of any political or religious grouping.
  • NI is not part of any political group or any religious group.
7. NI will operate ethically with employees, outside contacts and in the environment. We operate an ethical investment policy.
  • NI will be fair in all its relationships. This includes being fair in its relationships with the people who work at NI, fair in its relationships with other people and organizations and fair in its relationship to the environment.
  • Investments will be made in accordance with NI's moral principles.
8. NI is committed to excellence in all its fields of activity.
  • NI aims for excellence in everything it does.

Text in red is the original text from the New Internationalist magazine;
Text in black has been adapted.

Based in Oxford UK, the New Internationalist also has editorial and sales offices in Toronto, Canada; Adelaide, Australia; Christchurch, Aotearoa /New Zealand; and Lewiston, USA.

New Internationalist produces a monthly magazine. It also produces films, books and other communications material for various United Nations and related groups concerned with world development.

Copyright the New Internationalist Magazine 1997, 1998

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