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What's on the site?

Information for teachers

Global Issues reading material:
for topics, see below

Country Profiles:

Interactive material:
Self-access Quick-check questions
Self-access quizzes
Learners' letters


Global Issues reading material


Human Rights

Most units contain several pages of information and stories. Help with difficult vocabulary is given on-screen.

Country Profiles

Fact files on individual countries, with maps and flag.
There is a separate page with useful vocabulary arranged alphabetically; this page can also be called up as a small window while students are reading about any of the countries.

Inter-activity pages

These contain interactive activities that learners can do by themselves.
(Hence "Inter-activities": interactive + activities)

Quick-check Questions

Some more difficult articles have accompanying "Quick-check" icons that lead learners to interactive questions designed to help them check their understanding of the content and/or the writer's point of view. Learners get feedback on their answers.

Units that include articles with quick-checks or interactive exercises:

Quizzes on the issues

Just for fun: a way for learners to see what they know about a topic. (They do not test the units)

Vocabulary quizzes

Learners try to figure out the words letter by letter before they run out of guesses. In issue-related quizzes, the words are taken from the units.

Readers' Letters

Learners can read what other learners say

Readers' letters: A good chance for learners to read real English from other learners. (Spelling is corrected in the letters; otherwise there is only minor editing to make the meaning clear.)




NI: Global Issues for Learners of English > Teachers' Homepage > What's on the site
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