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jeansInformation about natural dyes please!

Hello...... I' m doing my in textile n clothing in sndt,mumbai. I want to know anything about natural dyes on denim or jeans. If you could help me I'll be grateful.

Kebi (India)

TrashReduce consumption!

I read the article 'An export from the U.S. to Brazil. I hear that in the US people teach the three R's - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle - in elementary school. So I don't understand that many companies in the US export their toxic waste only because it is expensive to process it in their own country. Isn't it an inconsistency?

I thought you could say environmental awareness is ingrained in most people in the US I was excited and livid. But humans are creatures of habit. It's hard to change habits overnight. Everyone needs to take environmental protection very seriously. Environmental pollution is becoming an ever more serious problem.

I could say garbage awareness is a problem too. I read the 'Tips for less trash'. I am interested in recycling. Our landfills are running out of space, you know, so we need to stop being wasteful of natural resources... Recycling is a good habit but, actually, we'll have to do better than that.

If we really want to clean up the world, we need to do with less stuff. The key is to reduce our consumption.

Okubo Fumiko (Japan)

jeans Patches that look good?

Hi I'd love to "reuse" several of my old Levi's but I'm not sure how to best "patch" you have any written material on patching techniques that last and look good?

Zoe Lewis (Canada)

Trash Don't export toxic waste

I read 'Toxic waste: the United States exports its toxic waste to Brazil. I think not only the United States, but also Japan is doing like that. The problem is not only US one. If we don't care about problems like that, the earth will become worse and worse. I think even if it is expensive to process waste in their own countries, the rich countries should dispose of waste in their own country. People in rich countries care about pollution, but what will become of people in poor countries where the toxic waste is disposed of?

Sugishima Ayako (Japan)

Mining The future is soon!

I read your article 'Mining destroys people's homelands in Ghana' about how they lost their motherland and their livelihoods because of human being's activity.

We destroy so much of green forest and pollute river water. Human beings say they do this to live on the earth! What will happen in the future? No, not the future. It may be only 30 or 50 years later. How will this earth change? So we must think about the next generation.

Kutsukake Masaru (Japan)

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