Why we are sending this book to Theresa May


Garry Knight (Corbyn), Teacher Dude (May), Robin Hood (Lucas), Rebecca Harms (Sturgeon), Peter Sigrist (Farron) under a Creative Commons Licence

The Equality Effect by Danny Dorling delivers all the evidence that is now so overwhelming that it should be changing politics and society all over the world. That's why, starting in the UK, we want to get the book into the hands of as many policy-makers and influencers as possible.

We have sent The Equality Effect to Theresa May and the leaders of the other major political parties in the UK. Now we need your help.

For £9.99 – the retail price of the book – you can deliver all of the evidence to support greater economic equality into the hands of a politician who will be able to use it to inform their decisions. The first 100 copies purchased will be sent to the UK Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet, and senior politicians in all the main political parties.

You buy it for them; we send it; a policy-maker or influencer reads it.

How it works: You buy this product as you would with any online order from the ethical shop. When we receive payment we will send the book you have paid for to the next politician on our list. You pay the retail price only, we pay the packing and postage. The book will be sent with the following letter:

The effect that greater equality has is almost magical. In more equal countries, human beings are generally happier and healthier, there is less crime, more creativity and higher educational attainment. The time will come when the equality effect will be as readily accepted as women voting or former colonies gaining independence – and it will come very soon.

'Rising inequality threatens the world economy’ (2017)
700 experts at the World Economic Forum in Davos

Income inequality is the defining challenge of our time’ (2013)
Barak Obama, then US President

‘Divide the pie correctly’ (2014) Xi Jinping, China's Paramount Leader

'Inequality is sexist' (2016)
Christine Lagarde, head of the International Monetary Fund

'Working for a just distribution of the fruits of the earth... is a commandment' (2015)
Pope Francis

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Slave to Fashion Launch



In Slave to Fashion Safia Minney turns the spotlight on the 21 million people forced to work in fast fashion supply chains around the world.

The book was launched at an event on Fashion Revolution Day 2017 at the Riverford Organic Pub in Islington, London, and was well attended by journalists and representatives of the fashion industry as well as friends and family. 

A number of established ethical fashion campaigners and business owners spoke at the event, including Baroness Lola Young, who works to eradicate modern slavery at a legal and political level in parliament, and Livia Firth, founder of the ethical business Eco-age.

Cindy Berman (Ethical Trade Initiative), fashion commentator Caryn Franklin, Kate Lewis (Fairtrade Foundation), and Gettie Singh, owner of the Duke of Cambridge Riverford Organic pub, as well as Safia herself, completed the speaker line up.

The take-away message from evening was clear: be the change.

As consumers we need to demand more transparency from the fashion labels and play our part by making ethically minded choices about where we buy our clothes.

Slave to Fashion is available now from New Internationalist.

Read more from the launch event:

My lightbulb moment: Fashion founder Safia Minney explains how she launched the Fairtrade fashion label People Tree - Liz Hoggard, Daily Mail

Slave to Fashion by Safia Minney and five other books to inspire change - Sophie Corfan, Positive Luxury

‘SLAVE TO FASHION’, a book and educational campaign by Safia Minney, MBE - World Fairtrade Organization

New book reveals shocking modern slavery in fashion chains - Clearly Magazine

Po-Zu supports Safia Minney's SLAVE TO FASHION book launch - Po-Zu

What do you know about modern slavery in fashion - Fairtrade Foundation

Myriad Editions merge with New Internationalist



Independent publisher Myriad Editions is to merge with independent, non-profit media co-operative New Internationalist.  

Myriad Editions will continue to publish under its own imprint, with Candida Lacey and Corinne Pearlman remaining Publishing and Creative Directors respectively. Myriad will use the creative, sales and administrative resources of New Internationalist and continue to work from Brighton and London, with an additional presence in Oxford.

New Internationalist has over 40 years’ history as a book and magazine publisher with a political mission to tell the stories that no one else is covering. The book programme spans global current affairs, illustrated and graphic non-fiction, world fiction (specializing in short story anthologies) and children's. They recently raised over $900,000 (£700,000) through an innovative crowdfunded community share offer.

Myriad transformed from a packager to a publisher in 2005, developing an innovative programme to nurture new talent. Best-selling authors include crime writers Elizabeth Haynes and Lesley Thompson, winners of Authors' Club Best First Novel Award Jonathan Kemp and Ben Johncock, and graphic authors Kate Evans, Darryl Cunningham and Una. Myriad champions emerging authors through two work-in-progress competitions.

Dan Raymond-Barker, New Internationalist Marketing and Sales Director, says:

‘We are very excited by this merger. New Internationalist and Myriad are two like-minded, complementary independent publishers and we look forward to producing great books together. Myriad will continue as an imprint and maintain its identity as a publisher of ground-breaking fiction and graphic works.

We also anticipate the partnership will create a fertile environment in which both lists will explore new ideas, creating unique books that enrich social experience. The skills, experience and judgement of Candida Lacey and Corinne Pearlman, and their associated network, will bring a new dimension to the team.’

Candida Lacey, Myriad’s Publishing Director says:

‘This is such a positive development for Myriad. It is an opportunity to grow to a new level with partners whose ethos and belief in independent publishing ties in with ours. New Internationalist supports our mission to discover and publish exceptional literary and artistic authors and bold, game-changing books, and will help us reach a wider, more diverse and global readership for our authors.

Myriad has a long standing association with New Internationalist in their role as the UK publishers of our State of the World Atlas series. This is a collaboration where the groundwork is already firmly in place, and we look forward to a healthy cross-fertilisation of ideas and practice as we continue to build Myriad’s list.’

In the UK and Europe print distribution will continue unchanged as both New Internationalist and Myriad are handled by Turnaround Publisher Services. In North America and the Rest of the World Myriad will join New Internationalist at Consortium Book Sales and Distribution (part of Ingram Content Group). Digital distribution is managed by Ingram International for New Internationalist and Faber Factory for Myriad, and these arrangements will continue for the time being.

Rev Billy sings the praises of New Internationalist


Rev Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir send a message of support to New Internationalist's CSO YouTube under a Creative Commons Licence

From the ‘shadows of Trump Tower’ comes a message of endorsement for our Community Share campaign: watch Reverend Billy and the Stop Shopping Choir sing the praises of the New Internationalist!

Rev Billy and his choir join a wide range of celebrities who have endorsed our campaign, ranging from West Papua to the US, from actors to journalists to musicians to activists. They include:

The celebratory messages from our readers flooded into our inbox yesterday as we reached the £500,000 target of our Community Share Offer, with investments coming from over 2,600 people from more than 30 different countries. 

With only 2 days to go, there is a very limited time to jump on board and join us. We are already past the halfway mark of our stretch target of £600,000! Invest here: factsandheart.org.

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