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Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid

Guest post from Oxfam’s Ian Sullivan

I love football. I also love working for Oxfam. They’re two of my major passions in life and I can be quite geeky about them. Although being able to name Everton’s championship winning side of the 80’s means I’m a bit more of a football geek. Football connects people all around the world but there just isn’t that much opportunity to use it in my work.

However, this summer there’s a World Cup – a global football festival that will grab the world’s attention. It will generate passion and enthusiasm on a huge scale. As well ensuring a big focus on Africa.

We wanted to turn all of that into something genuinely world changing. We wanted to connect with football fans and Oxfam supporters around the world and give them the chance to express themselves in a meaningful way. So, we decided to set up a massive game of keepy-uppy and to tell our leaders ‘Don’t Drop the Ball on Aid’.

  • May 26, 2010
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