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Articles by Debbie Taylor

Passing The Buck

Their employers call them ‘nannies’ and pretend they are ‘part of the family’. Judith Ramirez, outspoken advocate for domestic workers, talks to the NI about the revival of the slave trade in Canada.

  • March 5, 1988
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Until Death Us Do Part

Africa will stay poor until its women are free argues Debbie Taylor.

  • September 5, 1984
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Life without Men

Debbie Taylor reports from Odi village, Botswana where half the men are away goldmining.

  • July 1, 1980
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Sex and the Third World Woman

Report by Debbie Taylor.

  • June 1, 1980
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All bark, no bite

Debbie Taylor asks why the West’s diplomatic protest hasn’t led to sanctions that bite.

  • May 1, 1980
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