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Obama's legacy falls short on organizing

Technocratic liberals treat movement groups as another ‘special interest’ rather than a central pillar of their ability to govern, says Mark Engler.

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Our 500th issue – time for courage and change

It won’t last, the young founders of New Internationalist were told 500 issues ago. Read the letter from this month’s Editors.

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‘We’ve never had a benefactor... It made sense to turn to our readers’

Alessio Perrone gets the inside story on our Community Share Offer.

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Mixed Media: Books

Our pick of new and recent releases.

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Mixed Media: Music

Louise Gray reviews two recent releases.

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Mixed Media: Film

Our pick of recent and new releases.

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Mixed Media: the best of 2016

The outstanding films, music and books of the year.

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A word with Naseema Assada

Lydia Noon talks to the Saudi women’s rights activist about guardianship, Twitter hashtags, and suing the government.

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My Daily Mail badge of honour

Chris Coltrane on how to be hated by the Daily Mail.

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Country profile: Nicaragua

Mira Galanova uncovers a country at a crossroads.

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Letter from Cochabamba

Working children have more pressing concerns than the law, discovers Amy Booth.

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