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Artists of pain and hope

Two writers who uncover the heart of Africa, introduced by Ike Oguine.

Filed in: Africa

Confessions of the Torturer

Torture is used not to protect people but to terrorize them. Eduardo Galeano examines its uses and abuses.

Filed in: Haiti and Slavery

The Third Sex

Urvashi Butalia’s friend Mona is neither male nor female but from the third sex.


The 12th and final instalment of Eduardo Galeano’s Windows series: Odysseys.

Filed in: History

Has the UN betrayed us?

Saharawis abandoned warfare and eschewed terrorism, placing their trust in international law and the United Nations. Now look how they’ve been rewarded. Kamal Fadel feels betrayed.

Apartheid versus sumud

The Israeli election made it plainer than ever, according to Jeff Halper: what most Israelis want is apartheid.

The body as weapon

What prompted a group of middle-class Indian women to protest by stripping naked and marching to an army barracks? Urvashi Butalia explains.

Filed in: Activism, India and Women

Thumb for 370eduardo-galeano

The white curse

Eduardo Galeano on the white curse that has afflicted the terrible history of Haiti.

Thumb for Ike Oguine

The West's new friend

Muammar al Qadhafi may be the West's new friend, says Ike Oguine, but he should still answer for his crimes.

Filed in: Libya

Ethnic inheritance

How can Africa transcend its ethnic inheritance? asks Ike Oguine.

The complexities of justice

By bringing guilty fellow Africans to book we will start to repair our own hurt, argues Ike Oguine.

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