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Small arms, big trouble

Why did scrap metal in a Delhi junkyard start exploding, killing some workers? Urvashi Butalia investigates the mystery and finds the world’s wars are affecting lives far removed from the battleground.

Filed in: India and War and Peace

War on corruption

Nigerian President Olusegun Obasanjo is clamping down on corruption. So why are ordinary Nigerians less than enthusiastic? Ike Oguine explains.

Filed in: Nigeria

The Burden of Notoriety

What do Africans think of the torrent of pontifi cating about their continent’s woes, from Bob Geldof and Bono to Gordon Brown and Bill Gates? Ike Oguine has been asking around.

Filed in: Nigeria

The Waters of October

The wonder - and the water - of Uruguay’s first-ever Left election victory. Eduardo Galeano celebrates.

Filed in: Uruguay

Two signatures

A poem from Nepal.

The book dresser of Istanbul

Azad Essa meets a man who has dedicated his life to restoring books.

Standing up to Big Pharma

A meeting of the Word Psychiatric Association provides food for thought for Joanna Cheek.

A century of voluntary hunger

Anthony Dias ponders the purpose of the hunger strike.

Pardon the disturbance

In an upside-down world, there are many questions to be asked, writes Eduardo Galeano.

From pastures brown

Back in the country after a two-month trip, Mgcini Nyoni is shocked to see the fear and hunger of his fellow-Zimbabweans.

Remembrance of things past

Urvashi Butalia learns some lessons from South Africa.

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