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Sock and Awe

And so we say a fond farewell to George W Bush, fount of so many absurdities and idiocies that _Seriously_ might wonder how it will survive without him. But at least we can all go out with a bang by emulating the example of the Iraqi journalist who so ungratefully threw his Size 10s at the World’s Commander-In-Chief on a rare visit to the Killing Fields. The kind folks at _http://play.sockandawe.com/_ have devised an online game that not only allows you too to fire your shoe at that grating grin as it tries to duck and cover but also offers a league table showing the country origin of the people who have socked it to him the most times.

As we go to press, 46 million people around the world have already availed themselves of this most innovative form of stress relief. Americans, not surprisingly, top the charts, but Australians are not far behind. And hot on their heels are citizens of United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia, which suggests a surprising degree of ingratitude and disregard for Dubya’s unparalleled services to oil consumption.

New Internationalist issue 419 magazine cover This article is from the January-February 2009 issue of New Internationalist.
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