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Summer Seriously Roundup

Yes, it’s that time of the year when the Northern Hemisphere goes crazy, and the _Seriously_ studios have been hard at work gathering stories of all sorts of silliness. Here are two that piqued our interest.

Live free or die... by machine gun fire

It seems the Republican Party of Manchester, New Hampshire, has taken the tiny US state’s motto – ‘live free or die’ – a little too, ahem, seriously, when thinking of novel ways to organize a fundraising event. Not content with the run-of-the-mill bake sale or car wash, the Manchester Republican Committee decided to hold a ‘machine gun shoot’. For a $25 donation, party supporters can have a go at firing a range of deadly automatic weapons including M-16 rifles and Uzi submachine guns. According to event organizer Jerry Thibodeau, speaking to Reuters: ‘It’s a fun day. It’s a family day... It’s quite exciting.’ So what are you waiting for? Bring the kids along, hell, bring grandma, its fun, fun, fun for the whole family!

US vs Iran: the video game

Move over Mario, here come the Iranian Special Forces. A group of Iranian students behind the infamous ‘World Without Zionism’ conference in 2005 have released a video game where players attempt to rescue two nuclear scientists kidnapped by US troops. Associated Press reports that the game – ‘Rescue Nuke Scientist’ – requires players to enter Israel to rescue the hostages, kill US and Israeli troops and recover their laptops containing secret information. ‘Rescue Nuke Scientist’ is a response to a series of video games produced by the US company, Kuma Reality Games, ambiguously called ‘Assault on Iran’, whereby players attempt to lead US Special Forces to destroy a nuclear facility in Iran. Soon after the Iranian response came out, the Americans retaliated with a new game called, also ambiguously, ‘Payback’, which picks up the story where the Iranian version left off. Players discover that the nuclear scientists weren’t really taken hostage, but actually defected instead. Oh dear, how long must we wait until we see what the Iranian students come up with in response? Good thing it’s all just a game, right?

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