Amazonian psychics, Muppets and the Antichrist

Isn’t it creepy the way, the online book and stuff seller, is able to know what items you might be interested in each time you visit the site? Some anoraks will try to tell you that Amazon’s predictive abilities are simply the result of good software engineering. But a competing theory suggests that the company employs an army of psychics to take readings of its customers and churn out tailor-made pages based on their findings. Either way, *Seriously* was pleased to discover amidst the plugs for the latest _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_ DVD set, that the psychics saw fit to alert us to a book by one Tim Cohen called _The Antichrist and a Cup of Tea_.

While still eagerly awaiting the arrival of this gem, the editorial reviews and reader comments already give us a sense of just how earth-shattering this book will be. The central thesis as the title suggests, is that Charles, Prince of Wales, is indeed the Antichrist. One reader comments: ‘I have to say that myself I always sort of thought of the Antichrist in terms of a bold, charismatic wildly popular man. I never really thought of the idea that the Antichrist could simply be a man totally immersed into every thought, philosophy, theology and who has great influence.’ Another reader comments: ‘Prince Charles now has the imagery of what could be the future abomination that causes desolation!’ Phwar! Needless to say, we’ve written the author to see if he would like to guest-edit the *Seriously* column. Meanwhile we’re eagerly awaiting our copy. Thank you Amazonian psychics!

In other revelations, Disney’s Vice President, remarking on the company’s purchase of the beloved Muppets, observed: ‘Disney has deemed irreverence as one of the five core equities of the Muppets (humorous, heartwarming, puppet-inspired and topical being the other four).’ Clearly the Antichrist has been busy.

New Internationalist issue 390 magazine cover This article is from the June 2006 issue of New Internationalist.
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