Buy British… and Slovakian!

British National Party (the UK’s ultra-nationalist Nazi wannabes) members are infamous for their anti-foreigner, anti-immigrant, generally racist rhetoric as regularly featured in their party’s monthly newspaper. Unfortunately for eager readers of The Voice of Freedom, the September edition of the newspaper was recently impounded by Her Majesty’s Customs and Excise Service. Apparently, the party known for its ‘buy British’ and ‘close the borders’ campaigns gets its printing done in Slovakia.

This obviously irked party members who demanded loudly that the Government reopen the borders er... in this particular case only. The cover of the September edition ironically featured the headline: ‘What about showing some solidarity with the British people?’ Nazis do seem to view the former Czechoslovakia as their own though, don’t they?

Robertson’s wrath

Speaking of fascists, the United States’ own Goebbels wannabe, Pat Robertson, recently came to an unusual conclusion about the cause of the disaster that befell New Orleans. Apparently ‘lesbianism’ (adding ‘ism’ to anything in the States is a surefire way of getting people to know that you want them to hate it like ‘communism’, ‘socialism’, ‘liberalism’, etc) is to blame in the eyes of this doyen of Christian fundamentalists.

‘This is the second time in a row that God has invoked a disaster shortly before lesbian Ellen Degeneres hosted the Emmy Awards [annual awards for television programmes],’ said the right reverend on his popular television show The 700 Club. Robertson also accuses Degeneres of causing ‘God’s wrath’ in the form of the attacks of 11 September, just before she last hosted the awards ceremony. ‘Is it any surprise that the Almighty chose to strike at Miss Degeneres’ hometown?... God already allows one awards show to promote the homosexual agenda. But clearly He will not tolerate such sinful behavior to spread beyond the Tonys [annual awards for theatre performances].’

New Internationalist issue 384 magazine cover This article is from the November 2005 issue of New Internationalist.
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