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‘Are you looking for a different team-development programme that does not include the old fashioned physical endurance and macho activities? Then undoubtedly eyeball training is for you.

By its nature eyeball will break down established managerial hierarchies enabling your personnel to attain their full potential in a friendly stimulating environment. There is no climbing ladders, wading through streams or any other irrelevant physical pursuits.

At eyeball the way we encourage people to work together is to ask them to become a member of a surveillance team. Each team is tasked to walk around a route specially designed by eyeball in order to follow one of our operatives – who are already all experts in the art of surveillance. During the route we refer to our operative as the ‘target’ and each will role play the part of a criminal suspect who carries out certain activities while making available items of intelligence.

Each team will have to work together in order to witness the activities and gather the intelligence about the ‘target’. To do so successfully they must, as a team, plan their tactics, communication, recording methods and format....

Do you need to find a leader or a team player? Use the eyeball experience by building it into your interview and selection programs. Let eyeball put the candidates through an event ... that will highlight their natural abilities.

eyeball teambuilding ... serious enjoyment.’

(Source: the eyeball website – )

New Internationalist issue 351 magazine cover This article is from the November 2002 issue of New Internationalist.
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