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Independence Day

What should the international proletariat do when space aliens attack earth with the intent of killing all humans?? After the aliens are defeated, the oppressed may have a revolutionary opportunity amid all the destruction. Still, MIM asks, ‘who wrote this?’ For now, aliens are cultural creations, and therefore class creations. If this was a movie written with proletarian politics, advanced aliens would more likely be communists, not evil imperialists. Or in a different as yet unwritten revolutionary alien movie, the proletariat unites with the space aliens behind the bourgeoisie’s back. Then, at the crucial moment, the bourgeoisie realize they have been outflanked by the combined forces of the space aliens and the proletariat. Then, the aliens and what’s left of humanity peacefully coexist.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon contains a strong mixing of violence and eros in Eastern garb ? The effect of this film today will be to spread mystical ideas, beliefs in magic and a variety of other escapisms. As revolutionary scientists we believe that the state of human powerlessness created by capitalist society should not be resolved through fantasy but through scientific study and practice. When workers seize the means of production globally, the demand for such fantasy films will subside.

A Bug’s Life

Although A Bug’s Life is obviously fiction and geared for young children, it manages to portray many small and large aspects of what MIM would call class conflict. The grasshoppers demand tribute from the ants’ crops every year (feudalism); the ants bear this tribute because of the armed force of the grasshoppers and because of superstition... At the end of the film, we see that defeat of the grasshoppers and of superstition have allowed the ants to adopt a mechanical method of harvesting grain, leading to prosperity. *Next month*: MIM at the Oscars?

New Internationalist issue 345 magazine cover This article is from the May 2002 issue of New Internationalist.
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