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In the House of Mirrors

New instrumental album by Hector Zazou and Swara

Everything that Happens Will Happen Today

The second album by David Byrne and Brian Eno

Big Blue Ball

Peter Gabriel threw open the doors of his Real World studios in rural England and invited an enormous bunch of musicians – Sinead O’Connor, Marta Sebestyen, Papa Wemba, Guo Yue are just a few of them – to come and jam.

Hear, O Israel: A Prayer Ceremony in Jazz

17-year-old rabbi’s son – and fledgling composer – Joseph Klein lured one of the greatest names in jazz (Herbie Hancock) to join in performing a jazz prayer ceremony.


The Garifuna Women’s Project from Central America


Chinese Mongolian ‘Björk’ steps into Tibet controversy

Maldito Tango

This collection of prowling, lunfardo slang-inflected songs concentrates on an imagined lowlife of Buenos Aires.

Virtual Leisure

The début album from the Israeli-born, London-based performance artist Anat Ben-David, is based on a grim paradox, leisure doesn’t exist – it’s virtual

Mr Love & Justice

Bragg tempers the unfashionable humanity of his songs with a sad acknowledgement of current realities.

Mariza Box

For anyone interested in the past, present and future of this uniquely Portuguese melancholy, the Mariza Box is a handsome object containing Mariza’s three solo albums.

The Boy Bands Have Won

A yowl of fury against the Pop Idol-type mediocrity that seems so often to fuel cultural commerce these days.

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