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Thumb for 369aiwa


Aïwa by Aïwa


Laurie Anderson is no stranger to the political landscape.

Assume Crash Position

By Konono No 1


Dirtmusic’s debut album.

  • June 2, 2010
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Japanese Dub

The latest album from Jah Wobble and the Nippon Dub Ensemble.

  • June 2, 2010
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Genuine Negro Jig

Hoe-down fiddles, the rhythmic rattle of spoons and kazoos with some banjos marking time, and you could be – where? A fictive Appalachian town? Some 1930s travelling music show?

Empire and Love

Folk music, as Empire and Love shows so well, is a music that has a grounding in both past and present, both populist and political.

Ali & Toumani

An intimate album with the space for real spontaneity

Tsikaya: Músicos do Interior

Assembled under the artistic directorship of Victor Gama, Tsikaya is a superb example of how music is rooted in the society it comes from.


An elegant album, stripped bare to its poetry. Bass notes on the oud ground the songs wonderfully and Jubran’s voice is sinuous and expressive, full of colour tones.


Low whistle, hornpipes, kaval (this is a traditional Balkan flute) and practice chanter (and this a part of the Scots bagpiping set-up) are just a few of the instruments employed by Fraser Fifield on Stereocanto.

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