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Mixed Media

You can also read Mixed Media reviews of just books, music, or film.

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Mixed Media: Music

This month’s music reviews.

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Mixed Media: Books

This month’s book reviews.

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Mixed Media: Films

This month’s film reviews.

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Book reviews

An East German spy thriller with a difference - just one of the books reviewed this month.

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Music reviews

Music by Philippe Pierlot & Dhruba Ghosh, and The Good Ones.

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Film reviews

Two films worth watching this month. Reviews by Malcolm Lewis.

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Mixed media: Books

Book reviews from our October magazine include The Underground by Hamid Ismailov; The New Threat by Jason Burke; The Wikileaks Files by Wikileaks; and America’s Dreyfus by Joan Brady.

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Mixed media: Film

New Internationalist offers film reviews from its October magazine.

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Mixed media: Music

Music reviews from the September issue of New Internationalist magazine.

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Haifa Fragments explores complex Palestinian-Israeli life

Haifa Fragments is a novel published by New Internationalist. In this video Chris Brazier explains how the book navigates difficult and intriguing terrain.

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MIXED MEDIA: Mandela and the myth

Richard Swift’s picks from the 2014 Toronto HotDocs festival include: Nelson Mandela: the myth and me, Mission Blue and The Malagasy Way.

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