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The White Ribbon

In a small village in Germany, just before the First World War, a doctor is severely injured when a hidden tripwire pulls down his horse.


Tulpan is the daughter of the only nearby family and Asa thinks he’s in love with her. Sadly for him, she doesn’t fancy Asa, whose ears, she says, are too big.

Goodbye Solo

Different in every way: Ramin Bahrani’s brilliant Goodbye Solo.

Vanishing of the Bees

An eye opening account of the truth behind the declining bee population


The reality of indigenous life in the Amazon. Directed and co-written by Marco Bechis

Fish Tank

A film that gets inside the mind and feelings of a young person deeply at odds with the world. Written and directed by Andrea Arnold.

Sin Nombre

A road movie cum Western. Or, rather, it’s a railroad movie and the ‘West’ - where innumerable migrants are headed on railroad wagons - is more accurately the ‘North’, the US.

Three Miles North of Molkom

At a new age festival in Sweden, a group of people who’ve never met before explore tree-hugging, sweat lodges, shamanism, tantric sex.


Israeli filmmaker Yoav Shamir challenges the idea that there is a ‘new anti-Semitism’.

Episode 3 - 'Enjoy Poverty'

A gritty, uncomfortable offering from Renzo Martens that brought outraged responses from some of the NGO and media people in the audience.

Orgasm Inc

US documentary-maker Liz Canner takes on Big Pharma over the creation and marketing of a disease called ‘female sexual dysfunction’.

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