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Milk of Sorrow

Written and directed by Claudia Llosa

Eyes Wide Open

Directed by Haim Tabakman

Life During Wartime

Three Florida sisters with very different lives, all seeking love.

City of Life and Death

It’s only a feature film, and it’s shot in black and white, but City of Life and Death is an intense, indelible experience.

Lion's Den (Leonera)

Trapero looks at the culture in a small Argentinean prison showing life in the moment.

Samson and Delilah

This is a haunting and sometimes upsetting film – with little dialogue but great authenticity and power.

Food, Inc.

This documentary raises the bar in not only looking good, but in putting it all in context.

The Headless Woman

Martel shows the mentality of people complicit in Argentina’s repression and ‘disappearances’.

The Idiot Cycle

The emotion is raw and the message simple: the ‘war on cancer’ is a hoax.


A film about how far we know and trust others, and how other people make us who we are, partly through the stories we hear.


Based on the novel Push by Sapphire, directed by Lee Daniels

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